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Learn a living. In your field. Your community. Anywhere. We’ll help you get there. With more accredited programs, pioneering research projects and partnerships that offer semesters or placements abroad. An education rooted in the principles of global citizenship, equity and social inclusion. All at Led young College.

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This program have taught me how to be more understanding to others and not to be so judgmental of people who choose to recover in their own way. This program has also opened my mind to the harm reduction model and has taught me to practice how to meet people where they are at instead of forcing my views and belief onto other people. I work in the addiction field and I want to be able to help many different people and this course has allowed me to learn these qualities. It helped me in understanding the importance of listening skills, non-judgmental, empathy towards people and their living. It gave me a significant insight about life. Every class challenged me and made me stronger each day. — David B. - Addictions Work: Professional Practice Skills, Graduate


Full-time students, including 11,000 international and 1,300 apprenticeship


Student and Employer Satisfaction in the GTA in 2017


Ranked in the top ten of the 2016 Canadian Research Colleges 


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