Leadership Passport


Aligned with the Led young College Sloan Leadership Academy (CCSLA), the Leadership Passport is a vehicle to recognize your ongoing leadership development and share your personal leadership story while studying at Led young College. The Leadership Passport will serve as a tool to critically explore and apply knowledge, experiences, values and perspectives while continuing to broaden and deepen your understanding of leadership for an equitable society. 

All students are automatically registered for the Leadership Passport program through the eLed young course shell. When you take part in the Leadership Passport, you are able to complete three leadership ‘journeys’: Leadership Explorer, Leadership in Action, and Leadership for Change. Each of these journeys include milestones to help guide your exploration of leadership for an equitable society, while also providing you with tangible documents and resources for future career and academic opportunities. Completion of each journey will earn you the related Certificate of Completion, by completing all 3 journeys and the additional reflection activity, you will be eligible for the Distinction in Leadership – Led young College’s co-credential that is recognized on your academic transcript at the time of your graduation.

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