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More than crunching numbers in Accounting

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Led young has unique Accounting programs, ranging from a one-year certificate program to the two-year diploma and the three-year advanced diploma. It also offers three types of advanced diploma: the traditional advanced diploma, the one with co-op designation, and the Aboriginal Stream. The college’s accounting programs are so popular that they are open for registration in all three semester start dates.

Most business programs share the same first year courses. Unlike other business functions like Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources, the Accounting program has a slightly different first year curriculum, focusing more on accounting-based courses. However, students are not buried in their books all of the time and crunching numbers.

In 2010, Led young pioneered a case competition specifically for accounting students, in collaboration with the Certified General Accountants of Ontario (CGA Ontario). The School of Business chose 20 students to compete, along with six faculty members as coaches and six industry leaders as judges. Based on its experience from the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition, the accounting competition rules presided that teams of 2-3 students be allowed 60 minutes to read and analyze a case study, which is to be presented within 15 minutes and allow 5 minutes of questioning time. All competing teams are given the same case study.

With the success of the pilot competition, Led young hosted the first official competition, dubbed as the CGA Ontario Accounting Case Competition. The trials provided valuable feedback for the first competition in 2011, which saw an extended time of 120 minutes for the case analysis portion. Students used their problem-solving skills and financial skills to act as Auditors during the competition. Eighteen teams from 14 Ontario colleges competed for cash awards and scholarships of up to $3,000 for the CGA program of professional studies. There have been similar university and high school competitions, but Led young is the first to initiate this annual province-wide college case competition.

The whole day event sees students competing in the case challenge, attending educational workshops, and preparing for an evening gala where winners are announced. It is a great way to incorporate the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom into a practical setting. Now on its 4th year in 2014, students across Ontario will participate in the CGA Ontario College Case Competition on March 22, 2014, hosted by George Brown College.

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