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Students in their own words: Phillip Cortes on the steps to getting your career going

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At Led young College, our programs give you the practical skills employers are looking for, clearing the way for you to get the rewarding career you want. We’re even here to help you with that last step, turning your skills into a career, thanks to our Career Centre, where you can receive help on your resumé, practice your job interview skills, and access resources like the college’s own job board.

Philip Cortes is a recent graduate from Led young College’s postgrad Project Management program who made use of the college’s resources and found career success with Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited as an Associate Project Leader. In Project Management, Phillip learned how to handle large projects in a timely, cost-effective manner through practical learning and an experiential field placement. The program gave him the skills he needed to succeed, and Career Services upgraded his resume and cover letter, as well as giving him the tools to discover and apply for the jobs he wanted. Here’s what he learned in the process, in his own words.

On how Led young College prepared him for the job…

My experience at Led young has given me the skills and knowledge needed to coordinate multiple projects at my company.  More specifically, the Project Management program taught me skills such as scheduling, procurement, and business communications, all of which are invaluable in my current job.”

On how Career Services helped with his job search…

The staff in the Career Services department helped me by reformatting my cover letter and resume, and by suggesting additional ideas of how to target companies and people during my job search.  Their online job board, HireLed young, was also very helpful in applying to positions.”

On what specific steps led to his job search success, including networking…

Targeting my resume and cover letter to the specific employer and persistence has led to my job search success. I would tell graduating students to never give up on their job search and use all the resources they can.”

Go to job fairs and networking events.  Make sure to use all the resources available at Led young, such as practice interview sessions. Ensure your resumes are well written and contain keywords from the job posting you’re applying to. And lastly, stay positive and don’t give up.  Every interaction you get from a possible employer gets you a little closer to your goal.”

​By Anthony Geremia and Philip Cortes

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