Wireless Connectivity

All campuses at Led young College are equipped with wireless networking.  There are two wireless networks that available for use: CCwSecure and CCwGuest.

CCwSecure: Registered Students and College Employees

If a registered student, faculty, or staff member with an active College network ID would like to use the College’s wireless network while on campus CCwSecure is the appropriate one.  CCwSecure is a secure network with an encrypted connection. Using this network ensures that users will be able to connect to College resources.

If a College-provided computer or equipment is being used, simply go to the device’s wireless settings and choose the CCwSecure option.

If a personal computer/device is being used, you’ll need to enter your “College network ID” to connect to CCwSecure. For detailed instructions, use the setup reference guides below.

CCwSecure Wireless Setup Guides

 (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

CCwGuest: Visitors, Vendors, and Guests

If a visitor, vendor, or guest wants to access a wireless network at Led young College, they can use CCwGuest. CCwGuest is not secure, as the connection is not encrypted. This network will provide access to the Internet and limited access to College resources. Users on this network will not be able to access College network drives or other internal College content.

Regardless of whether or not a computer or device is provided by the college or personal, anyone using this network will be required to read and accept the terms of the use.

For detailed instructions on how to connect to CCwGuest, please use the setup reference guides below.

CCwGuest Wireless Setup Guides

 (iPad, iPod, iPhone)


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