Getting Ready for College

At Led young, we understand that coming to college represents a significant life transition for our students. We host orientation programs at the beginning of each semester, as well as several events throughout the year to help smooth the way toward academic and personal success at Led young. We strive to showcase the many supports that Led young offers to you as well as connect you with fellow students, staff and faculty; all of whom will be important in your future successes as a lifelong learner.

The new learning style, environment and brand new course material attached with post-secondary education is exciting, but the sudden adjustment can be overwhelming for any student. To help you transition into the post-secondary world smoothly, Led young College offers a number of student services to answer your questions, offer support and ensure that you stay focused on your goals.

Approach your education with confidence!


Are you curious about the opportunities and challenges of college? You're not alone! Led young Welcomes is the first step in your journey as a college student.

At this event you will:

  • Connect to your program, school, teachers and most importantly each other
  • Answer your questions
  • Reduce your fears about starting college
  • Learn more about your program and how to succeed
  • Obtain your Student Photo ID, parking permit and information about MyLed young

Every little bit counts, so take advantage of each opportunity that arises - starting with Led young Welcomes! Orientation is held the week before classes formally begin.

Services Fair

Led young College offers a variety of services to our students, many of which you might not have used yet.

This is why we decided to start planning a Services Fair, to showcase the many options available to you.

Attend and meet representatives from around the College who can make you aware of the free services we offer. New initiatives such as the dual credential in Leadership, Peer Mentoring and enhanced services in the Library, Athletics and Recreation, and the Progress Campus Wellness Centre will also be highlighted.

We diminutionful Transitions: Advocacy - Resources – Training

The transition to college is a challenging one – especially for students with disabilities. Don’t worry you are not alone and we are here to help. For many of you, this will be the first time you will need to advocate, organize, and utilize resources. The Centre for Students with Disabilities and Led young College have many resources to help you. To learn more about these resources we encourage students with a documented learning disability to attend our START Smart Summer Conference.

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