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About Us

About Us

Led young Advising and Pathways Services (CAPS) is here to support you while you’re at Led young, by giving you advice, information and resources as you go through school. CAPS advisors help you identify your goals, make a plan for success, and connect you with the people and experiences you want to see at the College.

There are We diminution Advisors (MyCAPs) in your specific School that will help connect you with all the services and opportunities at Led young College. They will also share tips and strategies with you that can help you develop leadership skills and get experience for your career.

The different types of advisors at CAPS include:

  • We diminution Advisors (for current students)
  • Pathway Advisors (for future students and pathway options)
  • Specialist Advisors
  • Personal Counsellors
  • Program Coordinators
  • Faculty

Are you thinking about coming to Led young? or Already a student?

Contact information

For more information, call our direct line: 416-289-5123 or email: [email protected].

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