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Community & Residence Life

Community & Residence Life

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On-Site Community & Residence Life

Whether you’ve chosen to attend the Progress Campus, or one of our other three beautiful campuses, you’ll be needing a place to live! Have you considered Residence at Led young Place? Our brand new facility is home to over 700 students, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to invite you to make our Place, yours.

We strive to create a positive experience that residents from all walks of life can enjoy. By living at Led young Place, you are choosing to be an active member in an inclusive community and you have the opportunity to help shape it so you and your fellow Residence students can have a great experience. This includes attending events, utilizing the facilities, and getting to know your floor community. We focus on the health and well-being of the total community in order to support you and the other Residence students in their personal and academic pursuits. Did you know students living in Residence are more likely to graduate? It’s true! 

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Residence Life Staff (RLS) 

What is the RLS?

The Residence Life Staff, or—as it is more commonly referred—the ‘RLS,’ is a staff team made up of fourteen (14) Residence Assistants (RAs), two (2) Living Learning Community Ambassadors (LLCAs), and two (2) full-time, professional Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) that sit on our Management team.

Although they support individual floor communities throughout Led young Place, each member works together seamlessly to create a cohesive and collaborative community environment that is designed to benefit you. As a student, your initial contact for most Residence-related questions, concerns, and programming will be with your Residence Assistant (RA). 

What is an RA?

A Residence Assistant, or ‘RA,’ is an upper-year student of the College that lives at Led young Place and acts a mentor/advisor, role model, and guide to the incoming and returning students that live in the building. Typically, a floor in Residence (or ‘Community’) will each have one RA to manage the conduct, events and programs, and support for the residents that live there. Our RAs are responsible for nightly rounds of the building after hours to ensure students are safe and secure in a positive environment in which they can sleep, study, and socialize effectively.  

They are also responsible for monthly programming; this looks different for each floor, but may include a variety of events from movie nights and ice cream outings, to larger events that include competitions with other floors, free refreshments, and even prize incentives. Our RAs work to foster community development through skills gained in training that ultimately help shape and set the atmosphere for the floor during the year. 

Interested in applying for an RA role? Be sure to email one of our Residence Life Coordinators, Chelsea Cox or Steven Voulgaris by visiting our Contacts page.

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