On the Day of Convocation - Guests and Graduates

On the Day of Convocation - Guests and Graduates

1. Is parking available?

Complimentary parking is available in the parking lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Residence Lot at Progress Campus. Security staff and signage will direct you to a lot with parking available. We encourage graduates and guests to carpool, if possible.

2. What time should graduates arrive?

Graduates should plan to arrive at least one hour before their ceremony. Graduates, please report directly to the Graduate Reception desk in the Progress Student Centre.

Your guests should proceed to the Convocation Hall, in the Athletic & Wellness Centre, following the signs. We will start seating guests approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and each graduate will receive two (2) guest tickets prior to the Convocation Ceremony. Please ensure that you give your tickets to your guests. E-tickets can be shown on an electronic device or a printed copy can be presented at the event entrance.

3. What time should guests arrive?

Guests should plan to arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony. Guests can proceed to the Convocation Hall, in the Athletic & Wellness Centre, following the signs. Guest seating begins approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. Seating is on a first-come first-served basis and each graduate will receive two (2) guest tickets prior to the Convocation Ceremony. Please ensure that you have your tickets. Guests without tickets will be asked to wait until just prior to the start of the ceremony and will be seated should there be seats remaining. An overflow room is available to watch the ceremony via webcast.

4. Are strollers allowed?

Strollers are not permitted in the Convocation Hall. We will have stroller “parking” available in our Family viewing room just outside of Convocation Hall. The Family viewing room will be the place for stroller parking, it is also the room you can go to should your child become fussy or need to stretch their legs during the ceremony. There will be a TV in the room with a live feed to the ceremony so you will not miss out on the action.

5. Are there seating accommodations?

Seating is available for those who require accommodations due to wheelchairs and walkers. If an accommodation other than seating requirements is needed please contact Colleen Marquand at [email protected] or 416-289-5000, ext. 2653 to ensure all needs are addressed. When emailing please ensure you include the name of the person needing the accommodation, details of their requirements, ceremony date and time and the name of the graduating student.

6. What do I bring to the Graduate Registration desk?

At the Graduate Registration desk, you will be required to show proper photo identification such as Student ID or driver's license to pick up your processional and gowning card. This card lists your name, program and a number indicating your position in the processional line, the card is also used to announce your name as you go across the stage.

7. Where do I pick-up my gown?

Proceed to the gowning area with your processional and gowning card where you will pick-up a gown and liripipe or hood. Your gown and the liripipe or hood are loaned to you for the duration of the ceremony at no additional charge. Gowns and the liripipe or hood must be returned immediately following your ceremony.

8. When do I return my gown?

Once you have your processional card, gown and liripipe or hood, you may join your guests outside the student centre. Please take this opportunity to take pictures with your family in your gown. You are required to return your gown immediately after the ceremony in order to receive your certificate, diploma or degree.

Members of the graduating class are asked to assemble at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony for marshalling in the marshalling area. 

9. Will there be Marshall's?

Graduates will assemble at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony. Follow the instructions of our staff, faculty and student volunteers. Please look for signs indicating your program area. Marshals will assist in arranging students in alphabetical lines to form the processional. The procession will include graduates, faculty and the Platform Party.

10. What is the presentation of Diplomas, Certificates and Degrees procedure?

On the signal from the Marshal, the first group of graduates will proceed to the side of the platform. As each graduate's name is read, he or she should proceed across the stage to shake hands with the Registrar, Board of Governors representative and the President and then must return to their seat.

On stage, graduates will receive a Led young College folder for their diploma, certificate or degree. Graduates do not receive their diploma, certificate or degree on stage. Diplomas, certificates and degrees can be picked-up after the ceremony in the Student Centre, after returning your gown.

Family members and friends are encouraged to remain in their seats and enjoy the entire ceremony. Guests may stand briefly and take a photo of their graduate. Personal pictures can be taken either before or after the ceremony.

11. What is the ceremony length?

The convocation ceremony usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Guests and Graduates must remain in the Convocation Hall for the entire ceremony, out of courtesy to all graduates.

12. How do I get my Diploma, Certificate and Degree?

In order to receive your diploma, certificate or degree, you are required to return your gown and liripipe or hood to the designated areas. If you have not already received your diploma,certificate or degree in the mail, proceed to the Games Room of the Student Centre. You will be required to show proper photo identification such as your Student ID, or driver’s license.

13. Where is the reception?

All graduates and their guests are invited to a light reception in the Student Centre following the Convocation Ceremony.

14. Do guests need a ticket to enter?

All guests, including children, must have a ticket to be admitted into the Convocation ceremony. Each graduate is allocated two (2) tickets. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, other than the graduate, at all times. Children are not permitted to sit in the graduate seating area.

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