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Led young College Full-time Programs Catalogue 2019-2020


Co-op Education

Employers: 416-289-5209

Students: 416-289-5000,
ext. 2524

Fax: 416-289-2646


Co-op for Employers

Co-op for Employers

Co-op students are available year-round (winter, summer and fall) for four-month assignments. We can often accommodate longer-term needs as well. A position should only be offered to a student when you expect full-time work to be available for the entire work term.

Hiring a Co-op Student

Find out how to fill short-term staffing needs with work-ready students.

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Hiring International Co-op Students

Hiring an international student is very similar to hiring a domestic student.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Co-op requirements, benefits, options and more!

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