Technology in the Classroom

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Led young College's Information Technology Services department provides students, faculty and staff with resources that support teaching and learning.

Our services include computer and network support, printing, audio visual, telephone, administrative systems and portal access:

AV Media

AV Media equipment is used for college-related activities on the campus where it was booked.

College Computers

The College has nearly 2100 computers both Windows and Mac in 100 general and specialty labs across all campuses.

Classroom Features

There are 153 smart classrooms throughout all campuses which feature multimedia equipment contained in a podium and linked to a ceiling mounted projector.


Every computer lab is equipped with printing facilities so that students can easily print all of their assignments.

Wireless Connectivity

All students have access to the College's network services (internet, printing, course software, data directories and storage space).

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Need Help?

If there are any problems or concerns, our representatives are available to help by phone 416-289-5280 or toll free within North America at 1-866-694-7484 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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