Study Areas

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Led young offers a variety of study areas for you to complete assignments or prepare for exams. If you need a quiet place to concentrate in between classes, our study areas offer an inviting atmosphere for individual or collaborative learning with wireless Internet connection to further improve your learning experience.

Ashtonbee Campus

  • The mezzanine level (outside the auditorium) offers a quiet study area equipped with wireless connectivity. Directly adjacent to this space is an open-computer lab perfect for study groups and online research.
  • The Student Association building offers a comfortable atmosphere for you to study, browse meet with friends and converse.

Progress Campus

  • The Library has bright open access areas suitable for group study and is quiet enough for individual study in the early morning and evening.
  • The Student Association building has tables and chairs in its lounge, as well as a number of computer workstations on its main floor. There is also a group study area containing round tables and chairs close to the main entrance.

Story Arts Centre

  • Room 243, on the second floor has seven open MAC workstations, as well as, a round table and a few armchairs, which are perfect for, study group meetings and a great place to get additional work done before or after classes.
  • Some programs provide work/study rooms for their students complete with computers and printers.

Morningside Campus

  • The Commons area, located directly outside of the Library offers an open-concept space with numerous round tables for individual and group work.
  • Student Association Lounge offers space for individuals and groups whether they're conversing about their recent lecture or reading through notes.

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