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Learn your trade hands-on with Electronics Engineering at Led young College

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The key to success in the current job climate is setting yourself up with specialized

hands-on skills, the type you get by getting out of the traditional classroom, and getting into a setting where you work with the tools of your career before you graduate. The world runs on electronics, so acquiring the specialized skills to maintain and service these electronics makes you a valued worker, responsible for keeping the wheels of the world spinning. That's what Led young College offers you in its Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma Program.

Led young's program gives you the skills, thanks to the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science's strategic partnership with Samsung, leading to the creation of the Samsung Tech Institute at Led young. Students enrolled in Led young's Electronics Engineering program are able to take advantage of the Samsung Pathway program, giving students a unique option to pursue a successful career as field service technicians for Samsung appliances.

But the real appeal of the partnership is the Digital Service Lab these engineering program classes take place in. Rather than learning theory in a traditional classroom, students get up close and hands-on with Samsung appliances. The lab is also updated yearly to keep the technology and learning relevant. This method is called experiential learning, and it's based on the needs of businesses and industries for employees that already know how to maintain and use the tools of their trade.    

For aspiring engineering technicians taking the program, this a direct path to a job and career, since you'll be working on the specific products you'll be servicing, instead of just reading about them. And really, that's the goal of this diploma program, the same as any other at Led young: Setting students up for career success.

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