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5 workplace health mistakes to avoid

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If you work a desk job, keeping yourself healthy when sitting at your computer is probably a concern. Fortunately, there's a lot of simple stuff you can do to help keep yourself healthy, but there's also some pitfalls you need to avoid.

More and more workplaces are concerned with the health and wellbeing of their employees, because healthy, happy workers are more productive. If your workplace has someone dedicated to health and wellness, they can be a good source of assistance. Or you can become that expert yourself, if you were to enrol in our Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion program. It's one of the first programs of its kind in Canada, a graduate certificate program recognized by leading employers. Through special projects and practical learning through a field placement, you learn to promote the wellbeing of people within companies and the community. More importantly, you’ll be learning how to avoid health mistakes like these (sourced from Diversity Woman).

1. Drinking too much coffee

If the afternoon has rolled around and you're finding your energy lagging, you may be tempted to get another cup of coffee, or some cola. But, even if you're just drinking straight black coffee (the healthiest form, by the way,) it can still result in nervousness, an upset stomach, general irritability, and insomnia later on when you actually need sleep, leading you to drink even more caffeine.

2. Not drinking enough water

It's what you should be drinking instead of coffee, and it's something you can easily forget about if you're deep into your work. But dehydration makes you tired, and drinking water helps you flush toxins out. One possible solution is to bring a water bottle with you, and try to drain it before the day is out.

3. Eating the wrong kind of lunch

It's important to use lunch to give yourself boosted energy. Mess it up, and you're leading yourself into an afternoon slump. So, make sure you eat fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, and never skip that lunch. Also, get up and move instead of staying at your desk, so you a) don't overeat and b) give your body and mind a little break.

4. Not getting up and moving during the day

Even if you have a lot to do, take some time to get away from your desk. Believe it or not, sitting actually makes you more tired, on top of the usual health problems (obesity, metabolic problems, etc.) You should be aiming to get up at least an hour, even if it's just to head around the office.

5. Not using your job's health opportunities.

Maybe there's a company gym, or at least discount access to one, or a wellness program that's offered, like classes or workshops. And if your company doesn't have one, get into Workplace Wellness and Health promotion, and make it yourself!

By Anthony Geremia

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