About The School

Our School of Transportation is the largest on-site transportation training facility in Canada. Our faculty are among the most highly skilled in the industry, and the training equipment is state-of-the practice. Our automotive labs host the latest in technology for cars, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles. We have a fully equipped hangar for our aerospace and avionics students.

Our programs are supported and reviewed by industry representatives to ensure they are of the highest quality. We are proud of our long history with industry partners including General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Canadian Tire, Volvo, Freightliner, Honda and Air Canada.

This is a great place to learn the knowledge and skills for success. We have over 3,000 apprentices in our automotive, truck and coach, truck and trailer and modified apprenticeship program. Our post-secondary Diploma programs graduate over 300 students a year. These graduates find fulfilling jobs and are tomorrow's leaders in their field.

We hope you will come and join our winning team.

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