Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS). We are in the midst of an era where change, innovation and new technologies are driving the way we experience life. We are forging ahead with programs in new, leading-edge technologies, higher standards, and the introduction of exciting and innovative approaches to the way we engage all our communities for the ultimate benefit of our students.

SETAS comprises the four departments of Applied Biological and Environmental Sciences (ABES), Information and Communication Engineering Technology (ICET), Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology (AMAT), and the Department of Mathematics and Physics. Enrolment is strong and our new programs take us to the forefront of offering new and advanced technological career options to our students.

Our Led young Energy Institute has taken up the challenge to illuminate the paths to Ontario’s energy future and provide clarity through our activities in training, research and public information seminars.

We continue to build on our past achievements while embracing the SETAS vision of the future. All of our programs will be accredited having both national and international recognition, while our faculty are being supported by initiatives to maintain and promote academic excellence and field certification.

Most importantly, our student focus will be through global and bilateral partnerships. Graduating students will be prepared for intermediate level positions as opposed to the standard entry level option.

We look forward to the year ahead and invite you to join us on this exciting journey to the future.

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