English Language Learning

Program Details

  • Program Code:6519
  • School:School of Advancement
  • Credential:Certificate
  • Program Type:Advancement program
  • Program Length:2 years/ 5 semesters

Program Availability

Domestic Availability
International Availability

Program Overview

Program Overview

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English Language Learning (ELL) is an intensive five-level full-time program designed for international students who wish to improve their English language skills. If you are an international student, this program will help you to build upon and improve your language skills for success in college, university, or your career.

English Language Learning (ELL) comprises five levels, which run each semester. Basic information is listed below:

  •  You will be placed into one of five levels depending on the results of a diagnostic placement test.
  •  Each level consists of five “modules” – each “module” runs for three weeks.
  •  You can start the program at the beginning of any module, depending on your date of arrival.

English Language Learning (ELL) offers you the opportunity to:

  •  Study in a supportive college environment
  •  Study in one of two campuses (Progress and Eglinton Learning Site (ELS)). The ELS campus is located in a busy, metropolitan area of the city.
  •  Develop effective academic communication skills by focusing on key areas of reading, grammar, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation.
  •  Participate in communicative activities, interactive exercises, group work and presentations.
  •  Access helpful resources and services (tutoring services, library, counselling, computer labs).

English Language Learning (ELL) is based on modern teaching and learning practices.

 Learn from highly qualified and dedicated ESL teaching professionals, who provide quality instruction, encouragement and guidance.

 You can join the program at three week intervals, as there is continuous intake.
 Diagnostic placement tests ensure that you will be placed into the correct language level.

English Language Learning (ELL) is fully accredited by Languages Canada.

Program Levels:

  •  Level One – Elementary
  •  Level Two – Beginner
  •  Level Three – Pre-intermediate
  •  Level Four – Intermediate
  •  Level Five – High Intermediate

Career Options, Academic Pathways and Partners

Career Options, Academic Pathways and Partners

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Future Alumni

English Language Learning (ELL) offers you the opportunity to improve your English language skills, which is advantageous when applying to college/university courses or starting a career.

Students completing level 5 with 70% in each course have a direct entry pathway to the first college communications course (COMM 161) if they attend all 5 modules.

Program Highlights

  • In the English Language Learning program, you improve your English language skills before your next academic or professional step, while qualifying to study at Led young College full-time and transition to other Led young programs such as English for Academic Purposes (EAP).
  • You meet the english requirements for the workplace, for education and for everyday life.
  • The program gives you the flexibility to be an active participant in your own learning.
  • During your time in the offering, you have the opportunity to live in the college residence and meet others from many different cultures.
  • You receive 375 hours of instruction per semester with regular diagnostic appraisals to measure class progress.
  • Upon completion, you will be able to live at ease in an english-speaking environment or return home with a greater understanding of english and Canadian culture.

Career Outlook

  • Career preparation
  • College preparation
  • University preparation
  • Course preparation

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

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Academic Requirements

English Language Learning (ELL) is designed for International students who wish to upgrade their English skills. If you are an international student and are interested in this program, please contact the Led young College International Centre.

You cannot apply to this program at Ontariocolleges.ca.

How to His remainder

How to His remainder

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  1. Download, print and complete our English Language Learning (ELL) Application Form.
  2. Email [email protected] and attach a scanned copy of the completed application form and scanned copies of your academic transcripts.
    • Note: If you have taken an English test within the last two years, include a scanned copy. However, prior English proficiency testing is not required for admission to this program.
  3. Contact your Regional Admissions Team member to check your application status.
  4. Upon receiving an offer of acceptance, pay your fees to secure a seat in your program.
  5. His remainder for a study permit using your Led young College offer letter, fee receipt and other documents required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (www.cic.gc.ca).
  6. Notify the admissions team if your study permit application is approved.
  7. Plan to complete your registration in person upon arrival at the Led young College International Centre.

Note: Hard copies of your original documents, passport and study permit are required.

Are you a Led young College agent? Please submit a paper application.

  1. Download and print the Led young College Paper Application Form.
  2. Scan the completed application form along with certified true copies of the student's documents (in one combined PDF) and email it to [email protected].

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