Principles of Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Controls

Course Code HOTL-206
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Operations of Restaurants and Food and Beverage outlets in Hotels and Resorts play an enormous role in today’s lifestyle, contributing to the restaurants, hotel or resort’s revenues. Managing a restaurant or food and beverage outlet is not only distinctly challenging but also gives one the opportunity for tremendous creative expression. The three major elements of a restaurant or a food and beverage outlet are the operation, the customer and the employees. The role of the restaurant or a food and beverage outlet manager is to manage all three elements always focusing on producing a satisfied customer. 
Most profitable restaurants have only a ten percent profit margin on sales after taking into consideration all the costs. This course combines practical experience with theoretical learning and assists in the development of learner competencies in the management of practices such as predetermining food, beverage and labour costs. Students will discuss the control process to the primary phases of restaurant operations (purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing and production), and explore the factors affecting labour cost and performance standards, The students will also participate in computer based Excel exercises on Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Controls.

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