Pipe Joining and Installation for Cooling

Course Code HRAC-124
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This section provides the students with both theory and practical training. Course provides the student with the ability to identify applicable safety regulations for air-fuelled, oxy-fuelled and gas-fuelled equipment used for cutting, soldering, brazing and welding. In addition, the course ensures that the student are able to describe the proper procedure for air-fuel, oxy-fuel equipment and materials used to solder, braze pipe and piping, join or cut plate and angle steel. Instruction includes mig and stick welding of plate or angle steel; procedures for brazing copper joints up to 1 3/8”diameter and oxy-acetylene welding processes. 

1. the student must achieve over 75% in both theory and practical to qualify to write TSSA G-3 gas test. 
2. The student will encounter adverse temperatures and humidity in labs and lectures.