Nursing Practice in Ontario 1

Course Code IEPN-125
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 2
Course Availability: Open

This course consists of classroom and laboratory components. In the laboratory, internationally-educated nurses will practice and develop competency in nursing skills within the scope of practice of the Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario. In the field component, internationally-educated nurses will examine successful learning strategies as students and as novice practitioners in the Canadian health care system. The course will provide an introduction to global citizenship and equity through the development of a portfolio and participation in reflective practice. The internationally-educated nurses will have an opportunity to build on previous knowledge relating to the concept of community-based nursing. Students will perform a community assessment within their own diverse communities. 

Course Hours-Mandatory Attendance 
1. Lab: 2 hours per week 
2. Field: 2 hours per week 
3. Independent Study: 1 hour per week - This is time students use tp practice skills in the nursing lab and/or to prepare and complete readings prior to attending other field classes.