Innovative Technologies in the Culture and Heritage Sector

Course Code CHSM-706
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Course Availability: Open
Description: This course provides the learner with a practical framework for incorporating computer technology and electronic media as invaluable management resources in support of the mission and objectives of the culture and heritage organization. Harnessing technology’s capabilities – capturing, storing and processing information – to assist in multifarious organizational decision-making; digitalization of archives; utilizing “blogging”, “podcasts”, “webcasts”, “virtual” presence, are some of the tactics progressive organizations are incorporating to expand audience catchment and penetrate non-traditional markets. This course will enhance the learner’s skill set by demonstrating how e-business technology can be applied in a variety of culture and heritage sector settings. Guest lecturers will share their experiences in managing the e-business aspects of their respective organizations. Through lectures, readings, case studies, learners will gain insight into the process of determining whether, and how to invest in social networking strategies and/or add an online component to an organization’s profile and the concomitant challenges/opportunities having such exposure creates for culture and heritage sector managers.