Final Pharmacy Placement

Course Code PHAR-230
Lecture hours per week 43
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course will place the student in an institutional pharmacy setting and a community pharmacy practice setting in order to gain practical experience while applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the preceding academic semesters. Within the institutional setting the student will be exposed to and practice a variety of activities that will include: drug distribution, floor stock, sterile and non-sterile manufacturing, unit dose pre-packaging of oral solid and liquid dose, intravenous admixtures, narcotic and controlled substances, purchasing and inventory control and quality assurance events. Within the community setting the student will explore legal, ethical and professional responsibilities and will be provided with an opportunity to collaborate and communicate on a professional level with pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other members of the healthcare team. The student will gain a working knowledge in the preparation and distribution of pharmaceuticals, the roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician, and will be exposed to an overview of the workflow processes, in facilitating the smooth functioning of an effective and efficient pharmacy. 

Please Note: Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) standard 14.3-Experiential practicum programs in community pharmacy practice must be of such breadth and duration to enable achievement of pharmacy technician competencies. It is recommended that this experiential component be full time and defined as at least 35 hours per week in the practice site. 

***The selection of a community pharmacy current or past employment site(s) or any site/staff that you have a professional or personal relationship with is NOT permitted***