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Exploring Customer Service

Course Code GNED 160
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Course Availability: Open
Description: All employees provide service – to either external or internal customers. As we move towards a more competitive marketplace both locally and globally, organizations need employees with the knowledge and skills needed to work with both external and internal customers. Business has moved from a production based focus to a customer based focus. This, combined with technology and ever expanding business advancements, has made it mandatory for organizations today to offer more with fewer resources available to them. Organizations have been forced to offer a balance between service and profitability.

Providing service that consistently exceeds the customer’s expectations is both challenging and rewarding. In many cases competitors offer the same or similar products and services so the main reason for a company’s success rests on the service provided by the employees. It’s hard, stressful work that puts high demands on employees. This program is designed to help students understand the customer service concepts and issues which will support their careers, their personal growth and their working lives.

This course looks at the history of how North American business has evolved from a home market orientation to a service orientation. It looks at how different cultures regard service. The service concepts required to succeed in today’s business environment are researched and identified. Students will be expected to apply the theoretical concepts to their personal and business lives.