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Electrical Shop Practice

Course Code ESET-214
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

The ESET-214 Electrical Shop Practices course is offered in the initial semester of the Energy Systems Engineering Technician and Technology fast track programs with the goal of providing basic hands-on skills that the students will need in their education at the college as well as in their co-op and graduate employment.

Basic electronic measurements and component handling, with an emphasis on soldering practices and electronics safety issues are covered in this lab-only course. Students will gain practical skills in repairing and testing cables, transformers, potentiometers, connectors, switches, speakers, discrete components and integrated circuits (ICs). Variable voltage regulated power supply with computer interface will be built providing the students with the opportunity to practice their electronics and mechanical skills through a complete product design, building, troubleshooting and testing process.