Course Code MT-275
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: The purpose of this hands-on interactive lab course is to introduce the student to the basic concepts, functionality and operating procedures involved in setting up and using the Mitutoyo CNC Coordinate-Measuring-Machine (CMM) and it’s associated software (GEOPAK-Win). Additionally, the course will also present various standard metrology techniques which will show the student how to manually acquire, with a high degree of accuracy and precision, those measurements taken with the CMM. Instruction will be given on a revolving bi-weekly basis in the Metrology lab in 2-hour sessions. Each experiment session will require the students (working in groups of two) to use the CMM (for approximately 30 minutes) to perform a set of measurements on a given specimen. In the remaining class time, students will attempt to replicate these measurements as accurately as possible utilizing standard manual metrology instruments. In each session, a unique specimen is introduced, which has been specifically designed to both illustrate a particular aspect of the CMM as well as being a manual inspection challenge. Experimentation with these specimens, both manually and with the CMM, will collectively provide the student with the necessary practice for skill development. After all the data on a given specimen has been collected, it will be compiled, analysed in presented in a proper report format for submission the following week.