Business Essentials

Course Code CDEV-318
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course will focus on the essential skills and practices central to conducting business in the community. Course topics will include methods of business planning, marketing, basic budgeting and accounting, creating community information systems, establishing workforce development networks, and identifying ways to promote entrepreneurship. How to create and deliver a professional business plan and write a grant proposal for government and community funding will be examined. A discussion of methods used to establish loan fund start-ups, secure working capital, provide managerial skill training programs and technical assistance, and develop educational programs for local entrepreneurs will be included. How to plan and deliver fundraising activities will also be reviewed. An overview of the concepts and access issues associated with financial capital will be provided as well as a discussion of strategies for building local credit markets. Critical thinking in the analysis of business planning and interventions will be emphasized.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify how community development projects can benefit from the use of business skills and practices      
  2. Examine the business, planning, marketing and budgeting skills that help develop community projects         
  3. Identify ways to promote entrepreneurship within the community        
  4. Describe the steps involved in creating a business plan and in writing a grant proposal           
  5. List methods used to establish loan fund start-ups, secure working capital and promote fundraising activities
  6. Compare and contrast strategies that help build local credit markets and attract local industry           
  7. Analyze various challenges/ issues related to business development from the community's perspective
Course Outline CDEV-318.pdf