Auditing 2

Course Code FINA-332
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Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course is intended to introduce students to the profession of Internal Auditing. The course is for graduating students in the Accounting co-op and Accountant/Programmer Analyst programs. Students in these and other programs may be eligible to write the Institute of Internal Auditor’s examinations upon completion of this course (consult professor for more details). Delivery of this course includes, but may not be limited to student presentations, case studies, problem discussion, problem solving, assignments and lectures. Topics examined include ethics, auditor independence, professional proficiency, scope of work, performance of audit work, and management of the internal auditing department. A minimum grade of B in this course and FINA331 (Auditing 1 - Financial Auditing) could provide the student with a CGA exemption. (See Accounting Academic Advisor for details).