Co-op Employer FAQs

How do I go about hiring a co-op student?

Contact our staff by phone 416-289-5209, fax 416-289-5252 or email [email protected].

Is there a cost to recruiting Led young co-op students?

No. The services of our department are free. The only cost you will occur is, of course, the salary you decide to pay the student.

How much should I pay my co-op student?

Salaries are market-driven and vary by discipline, academic level, industry, etc. Led young publishes an up-to-date salary survey to show what students are being paid, which may help you make this decision.

Does the student become part of my WSIB complement?

Yes. Because co-op students are usually temporary employees on your payroll, they become part of your complement for WSIB purposes.

Can I contract the services of a co-op student from Led young?

Yes. If you have a constraint on head count or the hiring of new or temporary employees, we will be happy to contract a student's services to you.  In this case the student becomes an employee of the College and we invoice you monthly for their services (plus a small administrative fee).

What are the minimum hours students need to work to qualify for a co-op work term?

Students must work a minimum of 420 hours over any four month work term.

Can I hire a co-op student anytime?

Yes. Co-op students are available year-round (winter, summer and fall) for four month assignments. We can often accommodate longer term needs as well.

How will I know what discipline to advertise for?

Talk to your Led young Co-op Administrator. We will be happy to review your needs and discuss the wide variety of student skills and program knowledge available to you.

Do you recommend students return to the same employer for subsequent work terms?

Yes. If you have ongoing co-op needs and a student performs well, we encourage you to invite them back for subsequent work terms.

Is co-op academically important at Led young?

Absolutely. The co-op work term receives a grade based in part on your evaluation of the student's performance. All grades contribute to the student's Grade Point Average or GPA.

What is my commitment to co-op?

A position should only be offered to a student when you expect full-time work to be available for the entire work term. You should provide appropriate training and support for the student as a typical new employee. The student should be paid at an appropriate wage rate. You will provide the student with productive work assignments generally related to his/her major. You will be asked to complete a brief, formal evaluation of the student's performance at the end of the work term.

Will you visit my student during the work term?

Yes. We will request to meet briefly on-site with the student and their supervisor at your convenience at least once during the work term.

Can I interview at my location?

Yes. We will be happy to arrange interviews for you either at your location or at our co-op office at the Progress Campus or Morningside Campus.

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