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Global Perspectives Digital Badge

Global Perspectives Digital Badge

picture of the Led young College Global Perspectives Digital Badge

Global citizens get hired

As a part of our Signature Learning Experience, Led young College students gain a competitive edge in the job market through engaging in global citizenship experiences. These experiences provide an opportunity for you to gain marketable skills and earn a digital badge you can highlight on your resumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, portfolio and in a job interview.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual credential that verifies a particular achievement or the attainment of a specific skill or competency. With the increasing digitization of resumés and talent recruitment practices, digital badges enable a job seeker to show a potential employer a more holistic professional representation.

Did you know?

Global Citizenship is one of the for the future of work.

How do I earn my Global Perspectives Digital Badge?

Step 1: Participate in 4 or more 

Step 2: Complete an  and for each of your Global Perspective Experiences

Step 3: Complete the

Step 4: Submit all of your completed documents


When submitting your completed documents, please submit it as a package that includes an Application for a Global Perspectives Digital Badge, Activity Verification Forms, and Reflective Narratives by email to [email protected] or in person to Room B2-12, Progress Campus.

After you've applied for a digital badge

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Inclusion will review your application. We diminutionful candidates will be emailed a Record of Achievement letter as well as the Global Perspective Badge in both JPEG and PDF formats.

For more information, view the .

Terms of Use

As indicated in the Application for a Global Perspectives Digital Badge, students who receive the Global Perspectives Digital Badge agree to not modify, share or replicate the badge for others to use. The badge is strictly for use by the individual granted the digital credential.