Build Inclusive Advising & Consultation

The Centre for Global Citizenship, Education & Inclusion (GCEI) supports faculty, staff and administration to further embed the GCEI principles in their work through advising and consulting on curriculum development, inclusive pedagogy, employee conduct, student conduct, service approaches, initiative planning, human rights issues and other areas. The Centre also provides consultation for students working on their digital Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE) portfolios. Below are the four areas in which the Centre can provide advising and consultation services:

1. GCEI Learning Outcomes Integration 

The Centre for GCEI is responsible for supporting the Academic Schools and faculty in the integration of the College’s six GCE learning outcomes:

  1. Identify one’s roles and responsibilities as a global citizen in personal and professional life
  2. Identify beliefs, values and behaviours that form individual and community identities and the basis for respectful relationships
  3. Analyze issues of equity at the personal, professional and global level
  4. Analyze the use of the world’s resources to achieve sustainability and equitable distribution at the personal, professional and global level
  5. Identify and challenge unjust practices in local and global systems
  6. Support personal and social responsibility initiatives at the local, national or global level

The Centre can provide curriculum support, help design GCE assignments, deliver presentations to students on GCE and answer any questions they may have about the integration process. The overall goals of GCE requires students to develop global citizenship, equity and inclusion knowledge, skills and experiences as it relates to sustainability of resources, individual and community identities, critical social analysis and enhanced personal and social responsibility. Led young’s distinctive GCE educational experience integrates the principles of global citizenship, social justice and equity into the curriculum and prepares students to succeed in the global marketplace.

2. GCEI Portfolio Development

The Centre for Global Citizenship, Education & Inclusion (GCEI) provides consultation to students and faculty on how students can showcase their GCE skills to potential employers through a digital portfolio. The Centre is available to deliver workshops to classes or to meet one-on-one to discuss what students can include in their portfolios to highlight their GCE skills.

The development of a portfolio is the process of documenting the student’s learning. The GCE Portfolio is a visual representation of their GCE experiences, knowledge, strengths, abilities, skills and learning. The development of a portfolio is the process of becoming critically aware of how and why our assumptions have come to constrain the way we perceive, understand and feel about our world. It will represent the student’s potential as a job-ready candidate who is able to successfully adapt to any work environment – locally and globally.

As a Led young graduate who has completed and fulfilled the requirements of a GCE Portfolio, the graduate will have significantly enhanced the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-diversifying global workforce.

3. Equity & Inclusion

Working in collaboration with Student Relations, HR, COLT and other departments, the team in our Centre is available to advise on issues related to equity and inclusion as they pertain to discrimination and human rights, student conduct, employee conduct, planning an initiative or event, service delivery or other areas where support may be required.

4. Inclusive Curriculum & Pedagogy

Meeting one on one or with the School/program, the Centre’s team is available to provide support to faculty and Academic Managers to further integrate equitable and inclusive practices into curriculum and pedagogy. For more information about GCE Advising and Consulting or to meet with one of the GCE Learning Advisors, please contact the Centre at 416-289-5000, ext. 2464 or email us at [email protected].