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Students in their own words: Ravena Bandiera on the steps to getting her career moving


Ravena Bandiera is a recent graduate from Led young College’s Food Science Technology Fast-Track Program, who came here to upgrade her knowledge from her Bachelor’s degree in Food Engineering and to gain experience in laboratory analysis. Since then, she’s managed to turn her education into a career and is currently working as a Quality Assurance Technician at Sonora Foods. Looking for guidance, Ravena went to Led young College’s Career Services to find help with her resume and cover letter, but found more than that, receiving help with both motivation and interview skills. Here’s more of what she learned, in her own words.

On the skills our Food Science Technology program gave her…

“Led young College provided me with knowledge and experience I needed to be ready for the job market. During the four-semester program, I had the opportunity to upgrade the knowledge I gained from my Bachelor's Degree in Food Engineering, and also gained experience by performing different types of laboratory analysis.”

On writing the perfect job application…

Keep working hard on your search. Instead of sending the same resume and cover letter to a thousand job postings, find a position that really attracts you, and adjust your papers to what the job requires. I was hired on my first interview, and when I applied for this position, it took me over two hours working on my cover letter and resume. Less than 24 hours after applying for the job, I received a phone call asking me to go for an interview. Exactly a week later after the interview, I got a job offer with a salary above what was expecting. My advice is to make every job posting that you select special, take your time, work hard and the employer will notice you!”

On the special things Career Services gave her…

“Refine your skills, learn how to present yourself, and practice for interviews. The Career Service Department will assist you with that! Schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

I was looking for guidance, someone that could help me with my resume and cover letter. I found more than this. I found support with words of motivation, precious tip on how to present myself in an interview, for instance. I recommend this service to everyone who needs to develop better strategies to find employment.”

On her essential strategies for career success…

“I knew I had to be patient and believe that something very good was about to come.”

​By Anthony Geremia and Ravena Bandiera