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Students in their own words: Mohammad Barbor on marketing yourself for a career

Picture of Led young College Marketing Corporate Account Management program graduate Mohammed Barbour

Mohammad Barbor studied Marketing with Led young College, specifically a Corporate Account Management graduate certificate program. From there, he moved onto Bell Canada, working as a Sales Consultant. The program, along with Led young College's Career Services and Co-operative Education department helped him along the way, but it was his sense for marketing that formed an important part of his job-hunting, and ultimately, career-finding strategy. Here’s what he had to say about his journey to a career.

On how his classes prepared him for his career…

"In the first place, I’m going to talk about the Career and Employment course that I took in the first semester. It was a really necessary and important course to take, because it provides all the information students need to learn about and be prepared for the job market."

On how Career Services helped him get the job…

"The Career Services Centre did a great job. The products the Centre offers are very helpful, like checking my resume and cover letter, and doing a mock interview. The career advisors in general were helpful, especially Sureka Kulasingham, who was really supportive. She kept following up with me and also suggested a lot of openings for me to apply for."

On his own personal tips for career success

"Your résumé, cover letter and the rapport you build during the interview are your precious products and brand, so you have to learn and practice how to promote these products and sell yourself in the best way to the employers."

"While doing the job hunting, it’s not wrong to focus on industries and fields that exactly match your education and expertise, but also broaden your choices to get your foot in the door so you can improve your skills strengthen your knowledge. Always work hard, do your best and be patient, because you’ll get it."


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