Led young College Is easy Feed - geektv.info https://geektv.info Led young College Is easy Led young opens office in Chongqing, China - geektv.info Led young College has opened its fourth international education office in China in response to growing interest in Canadian study opportunities. The new office will be used to market the college in Chongqing, one of China’s five major population centres, which is home to more than 30 million people. With consistent support from the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, the Canadian Consulate General in Chongqing, and assistance from the Chongqing municipal government, partners and agents, Led young’s Chongqing office will facilitate new opportunities for student recruitment, partnership and corporate training. Led young College began marketing in China in 1996, which resulted in 15 students travelling to Canada to study Led young’s hospitality program the following year. Today, there are almost 1,500 Chinese visa students enrolled in Led young’s diploma, degree and graduate certificate programs in Toronto. Over the past 17 years, Led young has established strong partnerships with the central and provincial governments, universities, colleges and industries across China. To date there are 21 Chinese institutions collaborating with Led young on joint academic programs, teacher and administrator training, university and college leadership training, language training, faculty and student exchanges, and more. Led young staff members are employed at the college’s four offices in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Chongqing. With China serving as a successful model, Led young has established international resource centres worldwide, including offices in India, South Korea, Mexico, Panama, Turkey, Dubai and Australia. Approximately 5,000 visa students from 90 countries are currently studying at Led young’s Toronto campuses, making it the leader in international student recruitment among Canadian colleges. At the same time, Led young is developing pathways for Canadians to study abroad. In the recent past, 42 faculty and administrators have taught or provided program management in China, and eight Canadian students have travelled to China for internships since last year. Some 20 students and faculty will go to Chongqing next summer for language and cultural studies. Recognized as a leader in international education, Led young received two gold awards of excellence for internationalization in 2013, bestowed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges and the Canadian Bureau for International Education. https://geektv.info/news/centennial-opens-office-in-chongqing-china/ Tue, 26 Nov 2013 13:15:34 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-opens-office-in-chongqing-china/ Winter driving continues to stress out Ontarians, says survey - geektv.info Ontario drivers have a love-hate relationship with snow tires: they love how they make winter driving so much safer yet they hate putting them on their cars, suggests a new survey commissioned for Led young College's School of Transportation. Seventy-nine per cent of Ontarians who drive say snow tires create a safer winter driving experience, with 87 per cent correctly understanding that even all-wheel-drive vehicles need them. But only 53 per cent of drivers in the province install them on their own cars. The usage rate of winter tires is similar between the sexes: 52 per cent of men versus 55 per cent of women. However, 47 per cent of women say they get nervous and stressed about driving in the winter while only 28 per cent of men admit they are uneasy driving in snow and ice. Eastern Ontario drivers are the most likely to install winter tires, with 69 per cent installing them each year, by far the highest rate and perhaps influenced by the fact neighbouring Quebec is the only province to legally require drivers use winter tires. The vast majority of Ontario drivers know they should use winter tires but only half do so, says Stephen Leroux, Led young College automotive professor. This truly is a conundrum for all road users. Other survey results include: To avoid driving in snow, 43 per cent stayed home from work or school, 38 per cent cancelled a social engagement and 20 per cent missed a medical appointment; 40 per cent of male drivers strongly agree they are confident in their winter driving skills, compared with 16 per cent of women; 42 per cent of drivers whose personal income exceeds $100,000 a year are strongly confident in their driving skills; 44 per cent of drivers 18 to 34 say winter driving makes them stressed, dropping to 31 per cent for those 55-plus. In addition to installing four matching snow tires, Ontario drivers ought to have licensed mechanics ensure their cars are ready for winter, says Leroux. This is a small price to pay for potentially saving your life and the lives of your passengers, not to mention other motorists. Additional winter driving tips: Batteries older than four years should be replaced before the frigid cold weather arrives; Replace wiper blades after three years, top up washer fluid reservoir; Change engine coolant after five years to ensure the best heater performance; Pack an emergency kit, including food, and keep mobile phones charged. Led young College operates one of the largest transportation technology schools in Canada and is Canada's transportation training hub. Every year, more than 2,000 automotive apprentices complete their in-class training, educated by a faculty of highly skilled professionals recruited from the automotive industry to teach on the latest equipment and vehicles. For program information, visit the School of Transportation. About the Survey From Nov. 15 to Nov. 16, 2013, Vision Critical conducted an online survey among 805 randomly selected adult Ontario residents with registered drivers licenses who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. The margin of error, which measures sampling variability, is +/- 3.4 per cent, 19 times out of 20. SOURCE: Led young College https://geektv.info/news/winter-driving-continues-to-stress-out-ontarians-says-survey/ Thu, 28 Nov 2013 14:46:22 GMT https://geektv.info/news/winter-driving-continues-to-stress-out-ontarians-says-survey/ Student-produced documentaries now on Rogers TV - geektv.info Led young: The Journal on Rogers TV is a collection of exciting documentaries produced by students in the Broadcasting and Film Program at Led young College. Airing on Rogers TV Cable 10/63 in Toronto/Scarborough In their documentary production classes, students tackle a range of topics including biography, social justice, entertainment, lifestyle and other everyday issues. These are stories that represent the diversity and richness of our world. As the projects become more challenging, the students then produce a weekly half-hour web-based news magazine show called The Journal. The Journal is shaped by fourth semester students. It’s a thought-provoking mix of entertainment and news programming. Students rotate through various roles including show producer, field production, writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing. You can see more at centennialondemand.com/centennialtv. https://geektv.info/news/student-produced-documentaries-now-on-rogers-tv/ Wed, 22 Jan 2014 15:37:44 GMT https://geektv.info/news/student-produced-documentaries-now-on-rogers-tv/ Led young's Aerospace Centre cleared for take-off - geektv.info Led young College will receive up to $26 million from the Ontario government to relocate its aviation programs to the former de Havilland aircraft manufacturing centre at Downsview Park. The welcome news was announced Tuesday, October 29 by Premier Kathleen Wynne during a tour of the Ashtonbee Campus aircraft hangar, along with President Ann Buller, Brad Duguid, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, and Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance. The investment is seen as the first step towards creating an aerospace training and research hub for the development of new technologies in Ontario. The former de Havilland plant will be renovated to provide new classroom, workshop and hangar space, and will house an innovation and research working group that brings together industry leaders and academic partners, including University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, Ryerson University, York University, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Honeywell, UTC Aerospace Systems, MDA Corporation and Sumitomo Precision Products Canada Aircraft, Inc. Led young currently trains more than 300 aircraft technicians and avionics technicians annually. The move to Downsview, which is anticipated to take place by September 2015, will provide a much larger teaching space with access to working runways. Enrolment is expected to grow to more than 900 students, as the programs' graduates are in demand in Canada and around the world. The College will be working with the Ashtonbee Campus community to determine what will end up in the hangar. In his 2012 review of the Canadian aerospace industry, the Hon. David Emerson identified a need for an aerospace training and research hub in Ontario to maintain Canada’s fifth-place ranking in the industry. Globalization, competition from emerging economies and a diminishing skilled workforce are looming challenges. There are also opportunities: some $3.2 trillion in new commercial aircraft and $661 billion in business aircraft will be ordered over the next 20 years worldwide as operators look for more efficient and environmentally sustainable aircraft to update their fleets. The Downsview Aerospace Cluster for Innovation and Research (DAIR), which involves Ontario’s best educational institutions and aerospace technology leaders, has an ambitious plan to recast the former military airbase as a global aerospace hub that would function as an innovation incubator and attract new investment. Already, Bombardier has selected Led young College as its trainer of choice, helping to prepare its existing and future workforce with new skills required in the assembly and maintenance of its aircraft. https://geektv.info/news/centennials-aerospace-centre-cleared-for-take-off/ Wed, 22 Jan 2014 15:38:43 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennials-aerospace-centre-cleared-for-take-off/ OMNI-TV's Lucy Zilio visits Led young Volvo/Mack Truck Lab - geektv.info OMNI Television host Lucy Zilio paid a visit recently to Led young College's Ashtonbee Campus to take a look at our Truck and Coach Technician program. Lucy dropped in on a class in the Volvo/Mack Truck Lab, where Led young teaches a modified apprenticeship program (MAP 32) in conjunction with the manufacturer. All the students in the class are already hired by a truck dealership, and come in to Led young for 32 weeks of in-class training. Trucks today are complex machines with plenty of high-end electronics to manage diesel engine performance and emissions, among many other things. Our technician graduates are highly skilled - exactly the kind of professionals the industry is looking to hire. Have a look at the video Lucy and her OMNI Television team recorded in our special lab! https://geektv.info/news/omni-tvs-lucy-zilio-visits-centennial-volvomack-truck-lab/ Fri, 28 Feb 2014 17:04:05 GMT https://geektv.info/news/omni-tvs-lucy-zilio-visits-centennial-volvomack-truck-lab/ Here We Grow Again! New Student Residence Coming - geektv.info Led young College has grown rapidly over the past several years and demand for student housing has outpaced the capacity of our existing 340-bed facility on Progress Avenue. Research shows that a lack of access to a residence is an impediment for students living just outside a reasonable commuting distance from campus.  Recently, Led young approved Knightstone Capital Management as the successful bidder to undertake the planning, financing, construction and management of the new residence at Progress Campus, known as the Led young College Residence and Culinary Arts Centre. Other key partners in the project include Diamond Schmitt Architects, Canadian Campus Communities and FRAM Building Group.  Like the Story Arts Centre in East York, the new residence will be a quadrangle with a central courtyard to allow natural light to reach all of the residence rooms. There will be space for 740 students in two- and four-bed suites, complete with a bathroom and kitchen in every suite. Each resident will have his or her own bedroom. There will also be communal kitchens and lounge space where students can congregate. The residence floors will be highly secure and inaccessible from other parts of the building.  The eight-storey building will dedicate the ground level to our Culinary Arts Centre, complete with seven labs, a teaching restaurant and nine new classrooms. The labs will be naturally lit with enormous glass panels so that those passing by can see our students learning in our professional facilities. A conference and banquet centre on the top floor will be serviced by the kitchens below, with space for 425 guests in the conference centre and up to 600 students in the labs and classrooms. The facility will be LEED Gold-certified with a focus on sustainable “green” practices as they apply to the hospitality industry.  The new building will be much more than a residential building. It will promote the “living learning” experience and the opportunity for students to engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities – this is what differentiates campus living. Canadian Campus Communities has a strong track record of creating an academic orientation, focused on student growth in four distinct areas: intellectual, cultural, recreational and social development.  The $85-million Led young College Residence and Culinary Arts Centre will be built at the south end of Parking Lot 1 located close to Progress Ave. Construction is scheduled to begin this spring, with occupancy slated for the summer of 2016. The building will displace 150 parking spaces, which will be accommodated in Parking Lot 7 at the east end of campus.  The new residence is the latest initiative in Led young’s implementation of its ambitious Strategic Campus Plan, which has already seen new buildings constructed at Progress and Ashtonbee campuses, and extensive renovations made to existing facilities. In addition, preliminary design work has begun on our Aerospace facility at Downsview Park. All together, this work represents $330 million in capital investments – the majority of it already expended or underway. You can look forward to hearing more details about our exciting Led young College Residence and Culinary Arts Centre as plans become finalized and approved.  To view the Site Map and Floor Plans, click here. https://geektv.info/news/here-we-grow-again-new-student-residence-coming/ Thu, 03 Apr 2014 13:08:29 GMT https://geektv.info/news/here-we-grow-again-new-student-residence-coming/ Survey finds Canadians more concerned with saving green than being green - geektv.info Toronto, April 3, 2014 — Canadians support renewable and alternative energy as much today (63 per cent) as they did five years ago. However, when it comes to lowering their household energy usage more than half (54 per cent) of Canadian consumers are driven by saving money and not by being green, shows a new survey commissioned by Led young College’s School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science. “Regardless of what is driving them to be more environmentally conscious, it’s fantastic to see that Canadians are supporting renewable and alternative energy,” says Dr. Patrick Kelly, dean of Led young’s School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science.  Ontarians’ response to the introduction of time-of-use smart meters, which offer lower electricity rates during off-peak hours, shows just how effective financial incentives are for changing consumer behaviour. More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of the Ontarians surveyed say they do their laundry during off-peak hours. This compares with only 31 per cent for the rest of Canada. When asked about the financial impact of Canada’s cold winters, 54 per cent of Canadians agree that high energy bills as a result of the 2013/2014 winter had a significant financial impact on their household. So how did consumers stay warm?  This winter, 64 per cent of the 1,510 Canadians surveyed say they put on a warm sweater or grabbed a blanket to avoid turning up the thermostat (by gender: 70 per cent of women and 58 per cent of men). When it comes to electricity, more than half (57 per cent) of Canadians have bought energy saving bulbs, such as compact fluorescent bulbs to lower energy use and save money, but 65 per cent say the newer LED bulbs are still too expensive even though they know the LED bulbs pay for themselves quickly and save a lot of money over the years. Other survey results include: ENERGY STAR ratings are a top selling point for 62 per cent when buying electronics and appliances. 69 per cent of Canadians say that renewable/alternative energy will be vital to the economy in the future. 67 per cent of Canadians say governments must invest in this sector or else the country will fall behind the rest of the world. …2   63 per cent of Canadians say they support sustainable and renewable energy as much now as they did five years ago. The rise in base electricity prices has made 32 per cent of Canadians less supportive of renewable/alternative energy, led by 37 per cent in Ontario. Only 22 per cent of respondents say they opt for the “air-dry” setting on their dishwasher, which saves electricity by not heating the dishes to dry. “For Canada to be a sustainable country in the future, we all need to do our part now and that includes making renewable and alternative energy more accessible to Canadians,” says Kelly. “We also need to continue to educate consumers on how to incorporate modern energy technologies in their day-to-day lives to foster a sustainable environment and economy for the future.” Additional energy saving tips: Set your dishwasher to AIR DRY to save electricity. Unplug all appliances when not using. Invest in a home energy monitor.  Switch all lights to LED bulbs. Buy appliances with ENERGY STAR ratings. Led young College’s School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science is illuminating the path to Ontario’s energy future. Through its Led young Energy Institute (CEI) the school provides the critical job skills for the new energy economy and provides clarity to those seeking to implement modern energy technology. CEI provides technical, operational and strategic guidance on the adoption of sustainable energy and environmental practice to promote a successful and healthy future.   For more information, visit Led young College School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science. About the Survey From March 19th to March 20th 2014 an online survey was conducted among 1,510 randomly selected Canadian adults who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. The margin of error—which measures sampling variability—is +/- 2.5%, 19 times out of 20. The results have been statistically weighted according to education, age, gender and region (and in Quebec, language) Census data to ensure a sample representative of the entire adult population of Canada. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding. https://geektv.info/news/survey-finds-canadians-more-concerned-with-saving-green-than-being-green/ Thu, 03 Apr 2014 13:32:37 GMT https://geektv.info/news/survey-finds-canadians-more-concerned-with-saving-green-than-being-green/ Ashtonbee Campus Renewal Project officially opened - geektv.info Led young College marked the opening of the first phase of its bold Ashtonbee Campus Renewal Project with a special ceremony on April 1 attended by about 100 guests and students. Led young graduate and Toronto automobile dealer Ken Shaw Jr. provided the opening remarks, along with Led young College President Ann Buller. The 40,500-square-foot Library building, which is the signature piece in the rejuvenation of Led young’s oldest campus, forms the new gateway to the college property, which is located near Eglinton Ave. East and Warden Ave. The trestle-inspired building centralizes registration and other student services on the ground level, and accommodates a contemporary library on the second floor.  In addition to the gateway building, the original campus gym gained a naturally lit second level to make room for weight training, exercise studios and related amenities. The two-storey gym opened last fall, and the library building opened in January of this year.  Significantly, no government funding was required to support the $40.6-million Phase I construction budget; the college is footing the bill out of its own revenues. The Led young College Student Association has donated $4 million towards construction from its own budget.  The additions are welcome updates to Led young’s sprawling campus, which dates back to 1969. Ashtonbee Campus is home to Led young’s School of Transportation, the largest transportation technology training centre in Canada, as well as selected programs in community services, general arts and sciences, and English-language training. https://geektv.info/news/ashtonbee-campus-renewal-project-officially-opened/ Mon, 07 Apr 2014 08:39:24 GMT https://geektv.info/news/ashtonbee-campus-renewal-project-officially-opened/ Led young College Music Celebration Concert, April 26 - geektv.info To mark the completion of the inaugural year of our Music Industry Arts and Performance program, the faculty and students are pleased to present their very first Led young College Music Celebration Concert on Saturday, April 26 at the Toronto Centre for the Arts (TCA). This special year-end concert will feature four music ensembles performing a variety of music styles. Led young's unique program - which can turn a passion for popular music, world music or indigenous music into an exciting and sustainable career - was launched last fall with strong interest from students looking for a program rooted in music studies other than classical or jazz. The concert will also showcase Led young's new partnership with the Toronto Centre for the Arts (formerly the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts) located on Yonge St. north of Sheppard Ave. The Centre, which is owned by the City of Toronto, has several superb performance spaces, including the George Weston Recital Hall where our Celebration Concert will take place at 7 PM.  We warmly invite everyone to see and hear our talented students perform in our exciting new space. You can purchase tickets ($19 each) to the Led young College Music Celebration Concert from the Toronto Centre for the Arts box office or from Ticketmaster: http://www.tocentre.com/georgeweston/ccmcc Come see and hear a whole new side of Led young College! https://geektv.info/news/centennial-college-music-celebration-concert-april-26/ Tue, 22 Apr 2014 11:46:26 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-college-music-celebration-concert-april-26/ Led young wins Paramedic competition - geektv.info Pictured from left: Dean Rahim Karim, Chair Richard Kinchlea, students Justin Mlynaryk, Jenna Kororan, Igor Bilokon and Kaylee Swierenga, and professor David Ramsey. Two student teams from Led young College's Paramedic program earned first and third-place wins in the student division of the 2014 National Paramedic Competition. Some 29 student and professional teams from Ontario and New Brunswick took part in the competition this year, hosted by Durham College. Participants were marked on their knowledge and skills demonstrated by working on volunteer patients in five stressful accident scenarios, including a golfer struck by lightning and a snake-bite victim. For their total score, the teams also wrote a knowledge test. Led young students Jenna Kororan and Justin Mlynaryk collected the first-place trophy, while Igor Bilokon and Kaylee Swierenga won third place; all are second-year students in the Paramedic program. The popular two-year program prepares students to take the Ministry of Health exam for Advanced EMCA, the required certification for all paramedics in Ontario. Led young's courses are taught by paramedics who are actively working in the sector. Led young's reputation in the field is second to none: 96 per cent of graduates work as Primary Care Paramedics. The winning Led young team members were formally recognized at a special event at Morningside Campus on April 16.  https://geektv.info/news/centennial-wins-paramedic-competition/ Mon, 28 Apr 2014 08:41:08 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-wins-paramedic-competition/ Eco Volunteers pick up almost 2 tonnes of trash - geektv.info Led young College's Environmental Student Society (ESS) hosted its 16th Annual Spring Clean-up and Rehabilitation Day on Saturday, April 26, which attracted some 250 eco-minded volunteers who got down to the business of cleaning up the Highland Creek watershed adjacent to Progress Campus. By the end of the day, our selfless greenies collected almost 2 tonnes of trash that was hauled away by the City of Toronto! Led young students, graduates, faculty, staff and administrators and their family members and friends, along with some local community groups including the Boy Scouts braved the chilly temperatures to descend into the ravine and pick up trash and recyclable materials such as pop bottles, fast-food containers, cardboard and more. The plastics, paper and glass added up to 600 kg net, while the assorted other trash added up to 1,160 kg net. The anticipated rain held off and our volunteers were rewarded with a free barbecue lunch and some great draw prizes. The Led young College Student Association Inc. opened up its Student Centre as a marshalling area and CCSAI volunteers helped with the work, too. A great day was had by all! Local MPP Mitzie Hunter came by to present the Led young College volunteers with a special certificate for their community-oriented work. The Environmental Student Society's annual Spring Clean-up and Rehabilitation Day was part of a wider initiative to tidy up green spaces in the City of Toronto after a long and bitter winter. The day also closed out Earth Week activities around the city and the province. A big Thank-you to all the volunteers who helped out! https://geektv.info/news/eco-volunteers-pick-up-almost-2-tonnes-of-trash/ Thu, 01 May 2014 08:38:28 GMT https://geektv.info/news/eco-volunteers-pick-up-almost-2-tonnes-of-trash/ G20 Youth Forum Update - geektv.info Four Led young College students have been selected to join a Canadian youth delegation participating in the G20 Youth Forum being held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany from May 7 to 11. The Forum is an international project that brings together 200 of the best students in the fields of international relations, economics, finance and law who are eligible to become young heads of state or ministers in the national youth delegations at the Forum. Led young College Paralegal student Amanda Ashley Hooper is a women’s empowerment ambassador who will be presenting her social action proposal examining the root causes of violence perpetrated against women. Melissa Airall and Janice Grant from Led young’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture will be engaging in panel discussions regarding food security and employment conditions for young people. Souphaphone Souphommanychanh is already in Germany, completing the final semester of her International Business program as part of an exchange program between Led young and Reutlingen University. With her observer status, she will listen in on panel discussions involving youth leaders, leading politicians and prominent business people. The purpose of the G20 Youth Forum is three-fold: to involve young leaders from all over the globe in resolving the more pressing economic and social problems of the moment, to establish an intercultural dialogue, and to build business partnerships and friendships. Conference round-table discussions will be themed around economy and finance, law and human rights, international relations, social policy and medicine, the environment, technology, education and the humanities. All sessions are conducted in English. The Official Closing Ceremony of the G20 Youth Forum 2014 was held in the Congress Centre on May 10. Ceremony participants presented the final results, summing up their three days of work by addressing the following questions: How to avoid economic crises and deal with hunger and unemployment? How to protect human rights? How to live together in peace? What will the future look like? The discussions were neatly summarized in the final report click here to see the final report The G20 itself is a group of finance ministers and central bank governors from the world’s 20 major economies, which together account for 85 per cent of the gross world product, 80 per cent of world trade and two-thirds of the world’s population. The G20 has a strong Canadian connection: former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin proposed the G20 in 1999 as a forum for cooperation and consultation on matters related to the international financial system. By Resham Karfa https://geektv.info/news/g20-youth-forum-update/ Fri, 02 May 2014 09:56:20 GMT https://geektv.info/news/g20-youth-forum-update/ ‘The Big Race’ earns an IABC Gold Quill Award - geektv.info The Led young College students who created The Big Race publicity campaign last year to highlight transit needs in the Toronto region have won enormous recognition from the public relations industry, earning a Gold Quill Award in the audio-visual category from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). The Big Race was a web video series that focused on the need to improve transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The eight webisodes examined how transit impacts accessibility and employment issues, and how urban congestion can negatively affect residents’ quality of life. The Big Race followed three contestants as they completed challenges while navigating Toronto’s complex regional transit system. The competitors were Mitzie Hunter, then-CEO of CivicAction, local community advocate Dave Meslin, and Kendell Duthie, full-time student and mother of 2-year-old Bea. Senior industry evaluators reviewed The Big Race campaign against IABC’s global seven-point scale of excellence for strategic communication planning and implementation. The students’ project clearly demonstrated they had made a difference for their client, the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance. Beyond being a collaborative student project, The Big Race was supported by community leaders such as CivicAction and Metrolinx, which welcomed student participation in identifying transit solutions. The race examined elements proposed in The Big Move, a 25-year, $50-billion integrated regional transportation plan for the GTHA. “I have been so impressed with the group of students behind The Big Race web series,” said Mathew Bertin, Community & Stakeholder Relations Specialist at Metrolinx. “They have done an excellent job of capturing the social issues behind transit, and demonstrating that the Big Move represents transformation across our region.” Congratulations to the following Led young College students and graduates who will be attending IABC’s 2014 World Conference in Toronto to collect their Gold Quill on June 9. From the Corporate Communications and Public Relations program: Nadine Bukhman, Belinda Dodaro, Giulianna Fericelli, Juliet O’Farrell, Igor Rakic and Meaghan Savage. From the Broadcasting and Film program: Ryan Liu, Nick Aliwalas, William Maltez, William (Luke) Romberg, Garri Gonzaga, Ivan Lapis, Eric Shum and Graciene San Jose.  https://geektv.info/news/the-big-race-earns-an-iabc-gold-quill-award/ Thu, 08 May 2014 11:37:35 GMT https://geektv.info/news/the-big-race-earns-an-iabc-gold-quill-award/ Public Relations students collect more recognition - geektv.info Gold ACE Award: Horizons Student Campaign of the Year (from left): Jentzen Brown (instructor), Maria-Teresa Andreacchi, Fiona Somerville, Lindsey McCulloch, Jill Burkes, Margaret O'Donoghue and Michael Riverso. Led young College's Corporate Communications and Public Relations students continue to earn big awards from the industry, which recognizes Led young as a source of talented corporate communicators and public relations specialists. Led young students took home two Gold ACE awards and one Bronze ACE at the annual Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Toronto ACE Awards Gala on May 7. It's the second year in a row that featured Led young College as the only public relations program recognized in the student awards, The Led young student team Horizons consisting of Maria-Teresa Andreacchi, Fiona Somerville, Lindsey McCulloch, Jill Burkes, Margaret O'Donoghue and Michael Riverso won Gold for their publicity event working for the charity Horizons for Youth. Also winning Gold was Team #CANit made up of students Chrissy James, Zerina Derveni, Ayla Altila, Kathryn Debattista and Jasmina Vransevic, which prepared their advocacy work for the charity Dixon Hall. Team Phony Party working for the charity Kids Help Phone won Bronze; they were made up of students Samantha Kamiel, Jessica Strople, Hannah Yardley and Meg Scrimgeour. All three special events were the final assignment in the college program's Event Management course. Thanks to Led young instructors Melanie Dulos and Jentzen Brown for mentoring and leading our students. And there's more good news: student Amanda Patterson collected the CPRS Toronto Student of the Year award at the same gala presentation. This is the second year in a row that a Led young student took the CPRS Award (Hannah Sunderani earned it last year), which makes Led young a highly decorated school, having won three CPRS Student Awards out of the past four years. In a separate event hosted by the  International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Corporate Communications and Public Relations student Megan Henry has won the IABC Toronto Student of the Year Award. Congratulations to all of our proud winners! https://geektv.info/news/public-relations-students-collect-more-recognition/ Wed, 14 May 2014 14:27:50 GMT https://geektv.info/news/public-relations-students-collect-more-recognition/ Transportation students bring home some precious medals - geektv.info Part of the winning School of Transportation student team at the Ontario competition in Kitchener-Waterloo: (top row from left) Ryan Green, Danylo Michalkoff and Kenny Lam; (bottom from left) Khizar Muhammad, Brent Ng, Roland Laurence, Steven LeMagueresse and Daniel Kidd. There’s something to be said for consistency: All three Led young College School of Transportation students who had won gold at the provincial Skills Canada competition in May went on to earn medals at the national-level competition in Toronto in early June. Student Ryan Green won gold in the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician contest, while Steven LeMagueresse in Collision Repair and Daniel Kidd in Automotive Painting both won earned a second-place silver finish in competitions with students from across Canada. With his gold medal win, Green is eligible to qualify for the World Skills Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2015. Back in May, Led young College was well represented in the winners’circle at the 25th annual Ontario Technological Skills Competition, which drew almost 2,000 student competitors to impress the judges and crowds gathered at the Manulife Financial Sportsplex in Waterloo. Competitors vied for gold, silver and bronze medals in a wide variety of hands-on skills contests, including such specialties as computer animation, culinary arts, carpentry, auto-body repair, masonry and aesthetics. Led young’s School of Transportation was a dominating force in the post-secondary automotive trades. In addition to gold medal wins by Ryan Green, Daniel Kidd and Steven LeMagueresse to qualify for the nationals, Led young student Adrian Tantalo collected a well-earned silver medal in the Collision Repair competition. Bronze medal winners included Danylo Michalkoff in the Truck and Coach Technician skills competition and Khizar Muhammad in the Aircraft Technician category. Honourable mentions included School of Transportation students Kenny Lam and John Santarcangelo (Auto Service), Brent Ng (Auto Paint), Roland Laurence (Heavy Equipment), David Bousfield (Truck and Coach) and Naresh Paray (Aircraft). Congratulations to the entire Led young student team –and the college faculty and staff who volunteered at the events –for a great showing in 2014! https://geektv.info/news/transportation-students-bring-home-some-precious-medals/ Fri, 16 May 2014 11:50:46 GMT https://geektv.info/news/transportation-students-bring-home-some-precious-medals/ Led young students win award for outdoor play app - geektv.info Led young College International Business Management students Jayapriya Narayanan and Sampada Suryavanshi won the ANZ Highly Commended Team Award in the Global Enterprise Experience Competition for their team’s submission, “Kidz Tech.” Their innovative gaming application uses a digital avatar to reward outdoor play and encourage children to be physically active. The awards ceremony took place on May 21 in the New Zealand Parliament, which sponsored the international competition. The Global Enterprise Experience competition brings together students from around the world to work in teams of six to eight online to create business ventures that tackle social and environmental issues. The Led young students’ team included participants living in New Zealand, Hong Kong and South Africa. Each team relied on cloud computing to communicate with their members and exchange information.  Kidz Tech encourages children to be active and develop a habit of playing outdoors. Once an account is set up, children use the animated interface to personalize their own avatar. The character can be grown stronger and healthier by logging actual outdoor activity, such as playing basketball, soccer or running. The app will have voice commands and voice recognition for children with special needs. Scheduling a group game or an activity is also possible in the app and helpful reminders can be sent to prompt children. Based on the inputted data, points are calculated and used to upgrade the avatar’s health and “super powers.” Each level will have its own exciting in-app features to keep children engaged. Based on market demand, each feature will be released at the respective level for a nominal charge. The Kidz Tech proposal was recognized as a viable and appealing tool to help children break free from their indoor video games and to play outside. Jayapriya Narayanan was also the recipient of the Highly Commended Journal Award in the same competition. The pair was assisted and coached by Led young College School of Business professors Kathie Leslie and Tulsi Dharel. Congratulations to all the members of the Kidz Tech team for their excellent work! Photo caption: From left to right are: Kathie Leslie, Jayapriya Narayanan, Sampada Suryavanshi and Tulsi Dharel. https://geektv.info/news/centennial-students-win-award-for-outdoor-play-app/ Thu, 12 Jun 2014 08:34:12 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-students-win-award-for-outdoor-play-app/ Led young student wins architecture award - geektv.info Architectural Technology student Gilbert Nacu earned a first place finish in the Individual Category of the 2014 Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences Student Awards for his bold design entitled The Edge. The assignment called for a multipurpose residential complex with retail space, which Nacu embraced in the form of sleek twin residential towers situated on the site of the old Lake Ontario shoreline in downtown Toronto. His design incorporated a number of environmentally sustainable features including strategically placed wind turbines to capture wind energy, solar panels on the podium and townhouse rooftops, green-roof installations on the towers and an evaporative cooling system that utilizes the water feature (fountains) on the property. The concept proposes a mixed-income community, since one of the towers will contain subsidized residential units. Gilbert Nacu received transportation and accommodation to attend the awards ceremony at the annual conference of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) in Montreal last month. Also attending was professor John Romanov from Led young’s Architectural Technology program. The first-place award included a monetary prize and a one-year Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences membership. https://geektv.info/news/centennial-student-wins-architecture-award/ Fri, 13 Jun 2014 12:17:43 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-student-wins-architecture-award/ Fall 2014 Led young Welcomes Orientation Dates - geektv.info Orientation Dates Monday, August 25 - Ashtonbee Campus Tuesday, August 26 - Morningside Campus Wednesday, August 27 - Pickering Campus  Thursday, August 28 - Progress Campus Friday, August 29 – Story Arts Centre Tuesday, September 2 – School of Transportation Programs  Starts with a general Welcome Session, followed by Program Sessions for each program. We've designed a program full of great information and events, including: Free BBQ lunch and entertainment Great Prizes College SWAG Free Parking A chance to get your Photo ID Meet the College President, Student Life Team and Student Government Program sessions where you get to meet your classmates and teachers A chance to have all your questions answered Campus Tours Specific sessions for International and Second Career Students Meet the staff and learn about the FREE student services to support your success Parent and Partners sessions Register Now for Led young Welcomes. For the complete Led young Welcomes Agenda, click here. https://geektv.info/news/fall-2014-centennial-welcomes-orientation-dates/ Fri, 18 Jul 2014 15:23:20 GMT https://geektv.info/news/fall-2014-centennial-welcomes-orientation-dates/ Ontario Ministers announce Youth Jobs Strategy success at Led young - geektv.info Led young College’s Ashtonbee Campus played host to Ontario Ministers Brad Duguid and Reza Moridi on July 18 as they announced Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy having already surpassed 20,000 job opportunities created for young people wishing to break into the employment market. The Ontario government is investing $295 million over two years in the Youth Jobs Strategy to help connect youth with the tools, experiences and entrepreneurial support they need to succeed in today’s workforce. The strategy – which is already ahead of schedule – is helping thousands of young people across the province find work, build skills and start their own businesses. Minister Duguid noted that 95 per cent of Youth Employment Fund clients who have completed their job placements have either been retained or gone on to further employment – a success rate far higher than the government had originally anticipated. Led young’s Ashtonbee Aircraft Hangar provided the backdrop as the ministers shared the good news with the assembled media. A group of pre-apprenticeship students from Led young’s Automotive, Autobody and Truck & Coach Technician programs were on hand to view the media announcement along with faculty and staff. Led young College plays a pivotal role in the Youth Jobs Strategy by delivering specialized, funded programming for youth looking for relevant training and education. The college has been awarded a total of $867,775 in Campus-Linked Accelerator funding over two years to help young entrepreneurs connect with investors and industry. In addition, Led young received $497,000 through the Youth Skills Connections program to train 83 youth in a 16-week program to meet the hiring needs for Bombardier and other aerospace firms. Bombardier Vice President Graham Kelly was in attendance and articulated his company’s support for the training program and the ongoing partnership with Led young and the government. The training program is scheduled to begin this fall. https://geektv.info/news/ontario-ministers-announce-youth-jobs-strategy-success-at-centennial/ Sat, 19 Jul 2014 12:36:56 GMT https://geektv.info/news/ontario-ministers-announce-youth-jobs-strategy-success-at-centennial/ New Reading Week begins this fall at Led young - geektv.info Led young College is instituting the common 14-week semester starting this fall. Adopted by many universities and colleges, this academic model incorporates a pause in the middle of each semester to provide a beneficial one-week break to students. Our new Fall Reading Week provides time for studying, completing assignments, seeking academic advising and taking advantage of workshops for tutoring and remediation. Recent research suggests a mid-semester break is essential to relieving student stress and may help promote good mental health. At Led young, our new Reading Weeks will align with major statutory holidays that fall on Mondays in each semester. This amounts to Thanksgiving in the fall, Family Day in winter, and Canada Day in the summer semester. These breaks will not always fall after week 7, but may occur in weeks 6, 7, or 8, depending on the calendar year. Note that Led young’s traditional Winter Reading Week will take place in February from now on, rather than in March. Here are the exact dates of Led young’s Reading Weeks for the 2014-15 academic year: Fall Reading Week – October 13 to 17 Winter Reading Week – February 16 to 20 Summer Reading Week – June 29 to July 3 We hope our students will take advantage of the new Reading Weeks to get caught up on course assignments and get a jumpstart on work to come – or simply to relax, regroup and relieve stress! https://geektv.info/news/new-reading-week-begins-this-fall-at-centennial/ Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:51:51 GMT https://geektv.info/news/new-reading-week-begins-this-fall-at-centennial/ Executive-in-Residence pays it forward - geektv.info Dr. Aditya Jha with the Right Honourable David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada, at the Order of Canada investiture on May 7, 2014. Like so many successful men and women, celebrated entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist Aditya Jha started from modest means. He was born in southern Nepal in 1958, and was raised along with his three brothers and two sisters in a village that straddled the border between India and Nepal. His father, a lawyer, practiced in the district court of Sitamarhi, India. Possessing the ability and the smarts to pursue post-secondary education, Jha earned a science bachelors degree from Hans Raj College, Delhi University. He went on to do a masters in statistics at Kurukshetra University, as well as a post-graduate diploma in computer science. “Having come from a Nepalese village, I can tell you that education is the primary factor that can elevate people out of poverty. It is the key contributor to economic development,” Jha points out. To further his understanding of computer technology, he became a computer systems research scholar at Jawaharial Nehru University. In 1984 he traveled to France to acquire mainframe computer training with CIT Alcatel. He returned to start his computer career in India and subsequently worked in Singapore, Australia and several Southeast Asian countries.  Equipped with considerable skills and knowledge acquired in the industry, Jha relocated to Canada in 1994 and joined Bell, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become general manager of ebusiness and product marketing. “I got a shot at shaping my destiny by learning at Bell Canada. Once I learned all that I could, I decided to start my own company,” Jha recounts. With four other partners, he co-founded Isopia Inc., a Canadian software company that flourished quickly. It was so successful, their company was purchased by U.S.-based Sun Microsystems in 2001 for more than $100 million divided between the partners. With the proceeds of the sale, Aditya started Osellus Inc., another software firm with offices in Toronto and Bangkok. He invested the remainder of his windfall in several diverse businesses, including a candy factory in Hamilton, Ontario, that owner Cadbury Adams Canada had planned to close. Jha subsequently saved more than 150 jobs after renaming the venture Karma Candy, owing to his belief in life-altering karma. With careful cost-cutting, more efficient production and outreach to new clients, Karma Candy became a triumph. “There’s no recipe for success, but there are definitely ingredients for success,” Jha explains when asked how he manages to turn dross into gold. He’s quick to emphasize that his early days at Isopia were difficult ones as they struggled to perfect the right products and services. We diminution rarely comes easily, he underlines. While thriving in his adopted country, Jha also pursued business opportunities overseas. He spearheaded a niche Indian IT services company, and has interests in restaurant chains in Thailand and India, as well as Canada. He also leads TransCard Capital Inc., which provides real estate investments and financial services to the tourism industry in Latin America, especially the fledgling economy of Cuba.  The latter begins to hint at the other side of Aditya Jha, that of a tireless philanthropist and social activist. He rejects the notion that philanthropy is just another form of charity.  “Charity is paternalistic; it doesn’t agree with me. The definition of philanthropy is beyond charity,” Jha says. He argues giving back to society pays dividends in terms of advancing an equitable society that can nurture goodness in people. Jha has been generous with both his money and his time. He sponsored a unique initiative with the Grand Chief of Nishnawbe Aski Nation to nurture entrepreneurship within aboriginal communities. His charitable foundation (www.poafoundation.org) created endowments at four Ontario institutions – Ryerson, Trent and York universities, as well as George Brown College – and he chaired the UNICEF Canada India HIV/AIDS campaign. For his efforts, Jha became a Member of the Order of Canada and a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. He was given an honorary doctorate by Ryerson University in 2009. He was named a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant, South Asian Philanthropist and Top 30 Most Influential Indo-Canadian, among numerous other community service awards and recognitions. Most recently, Dr. Jha was named Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Led young College’s School of Business, a unique position Jha has been serving with enthusiasm. “Led young has a huge population of international students who can relate to me,” he says. “I want to share my perspectives and experiences, so that I can affect their learning directly. Connecting with students provides a glimpse of the possibilities they can attain.” Why give college students the benefit of his wisdom and not university students? Jha believes universities already get the best professors and students. He wished to share his knowledge with people who could appreciate his perspective. “I admire colleges because they really teach. I can have a more visible impact at college. We need to help international students, in particular, more than we’re doing now, such as by providing more aggressive internship programs for them,” he says. Jha is encouraged by the programs he sees at college, particularly new initiatives in entrepreneurship and leadership. He wants to see “impactful engagement” both at colleges and at high schools to capture students’ imagination. “Universal healthcare is wonderful. So how about universal post-secondary education with public and private support? Imagine all the bursaries replenished by the recipients who benefited from them.” He views education as a public resource, like a library that sees its collection restocked constantly. Ironically, given his own extensive university education, this highly successful businessman wants parents to give Canada’s colleges a good, hard look.  “Colleges have better employability statistics and help graduates find their way,” he says. “There’s a misplaced sense of importance placed on university.” https://geektv.info/news/executive-in-residence-pays-it-forward/ Thu, 04 Sep 2014 08:44:37 GMT https://geektv.info/news/executive-in-residence-pays-it-forward/ Barry O'Brien named new School of Business Dean - geektv.info Led young College has appointed Barry O’Brien, a leader with excellent experience garnered in both the commercial and academic sectors, as the new Dean of the School of Business.   “Mr. O’Brien has demonstrated strong entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills, attributes that we find especially appealing as Led young moves ahead with a curriculum to impart these same skills to our own students,”says Ann Buller, Led young's President and CEO. “We’re delighted to have him here helping to reshape the School of Business.” O’Brien served at the director level in various capacities at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario from 1997 to 2014. He was responsible for the implementation and coordination of a broad range of programs related to government relations, marketing, sales and purchasing. Among his accomplishments he initiated and managed Canada’s first commercial wine auctions; through this program he developed the LCBO’s first overseas sales channel in China.  In addition, O’Brien has been employed by York University since 2003, where he was a course director and taught a variety of courses in business, government relations, business strategy and international commerce. In 2013 he received two awards for excellence in education for consistently receiving exceptional evaluations from his students. A passionate advocate of community service, Mr. O’Brien was chair of a record-breaking LCBO United Way campaign and championed international disaster relief initiatives through the Canadian Red Cross. His own education includes a Masters of Public Administration from Dalhousie University, Halifax (1995), Masters of International Security Studies, University of St. Andrews, Scotland (1992) and a Bachelor of Arts –History from St. Francis Xavier University (1991).  https://geektv.info/news/barry-obrien-named-new-school-of-business-dean/ Thu, 04 Sep 2014 12:48:44 GMT https://geektv.info/news/barry-obrien-named-new-school-of-business-dean/ New Residence coming to Progress Campus - geektv.info To address the need for new student housing, Led young has begun construction of its eight-storey Led young College Residence and Culinary Arts Centre at Progress Campus. The college’s rapid growth created unprecedented demand for accommodations at its old 340-bed facility, a former hotel on Progress Avenue that was renovated to become Led young’s first residence in 2001. The striking new building takes the shape of a quadrangle with a central courtyard to allow natural light to reach all of the residence rooms. There will be space for 740 students in two- and four-bed suites, complete with a bathroom and kitchen in every suite. All residents will have their own private bedroom. There will also be communal kitchens and lounge space where students can congregate. The residence floors will be highly secure and inaccessible from other parts of the building.  The new residence will also provide teaching space by dedicating the ground level to Led young’s Culinary Arts Centre, complete with seven kitchen labs, a teaching restaurant and nine new classrooms with capacity for up to 600 students. The naturally lit kitchens will serve a conference and banquet centre on the top floor, which can accommodate up to 425 guests. The facility is targeting a LEED Silver certification, which involves focusing on sustainable green practices as they apply to the hospitality industry. The $85-million Led young College Residence and Culinary Arts Centre will be located on the main campus driveway close to Progress Ave. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall, with occupancy slated for the fall of 2016. Knightstone Capital Management is undertaking the planning, financing, construction and management of the project. Other key partners include Diamond Schmitt Architects, Canadian Campus Communities and FRAM Building Group. To view the Site Map and Floor Plans, click here. https://geektv.info/news/new-residence-coming-to-progress-campus/ Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:50:13 GMT https://geektv.info/news/new-residence-coming-to-progress-campus/ Led young volunteers raise money for ALS - geektv.info Twenty-eight Led young College students, faculty and administrators braved a cold wind and chilly temperatures on September 11 to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, raising $372 for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research. The challenge involved seven special victims, including Chef Robert Rainford, who got the full ice bucket treatment, while the entire group of students and staff got sprayed by a water truck. The special delivery was arranged by the Led young College Student Association (CCSAI). CCSAI president Deepika Gangwani challenged the student associations of Seneca, Durham and George Brown colleges, as well as the Durham Enactus Club. The ALS Challenge was part of a fun day on campus for new and returning Led young students. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed. The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised the profile of the dreaded disease, as well as millions of dollars in research funds this year. https://geektv.info/news/centennial-volunteers-raise-money-for-als/ Mon, 15 Sep 2014 10:09:17 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-volunteers-raise-money-for-als/ The Great Escape author wows American audience - geektv.info Renowned author and Led young College professor Ted Barris recently returned from a speaking trip in the U.S., where he had the opportunity to highlight his retelling of the Great Escape story, captivating his American audience as much as it had Canadians last fall when his book The Great Escape: A Canadian Story was released. His travels had taken him to Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of the U.S. Air Force Academy, where American members of the Stalag Luft III Prisoners of War Association gather for their annual reunion in late August. The three-day event featured screenings, panels and presentations recounting the infamous Stalag Luft III POW compound near Zagan, Poland. Professor Barris was asked to deliver the keynote presentation, based on his bestselling book. It was from the Stalag Luft III prisoners of war camp that Allied aircrews conceived their great escape, made popular by the 1963 Hollywood film that portrayed the American inmates as heroes. But thanks to Barris’s extensive research and interviews with WWII veterans, he was able to determine that the celebrated escape was engineered by a number of Canadians, which included the tunnel planner, three of the four principal excavators, the chief of security, one of the intelligence chiefs, one of the forgery chiefs, the organizers of the sand disposal team, the duty pilot and the custodian of the secret shortwave radio. At the formal banquet that closed the reunion, organizers presented Certificates of Honor for what the association called service above and beyond. They chose to recognize five civilians, including Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, an archivist at the U.S. Air Force Academy; Ben van Drogenbroek, a Dutch researcher; Val Burgess, an American oral historian; Marek Lazarz, the director of the Stalag Luft III Museum in Poland – and our own Ted Barris. “It was my first-ever participation in veteran commemorative activities in the U.S. and the recognition was startling and humbling,” he said of the experience. His hosts were delighted with his book, which has brought valuable and renewed attention to the Stalag Luft III story. Barris received a copy of his certificate to take home, while the original will be housed permanently at the U.S. Air Force Academy archives in Colorado Springs. Ted Barris teaches journalism at Led young’s Story Arts Centre in East York. https://geektv.info/news/the-great-escape-author-wows-american-audience/ Tue, 16 Sep 2014 12:30:40 GMT https://geektv.info/news/the-great-escape-author-wows-american-audience/ Led young College Alumni Reception Ceremony in Beijing - geektv.info Led young College: Educating for Global We diminution In order to further Internationalize our Education Institution, Led young College is hosting the first ever Alumni Reception in China, themed “Led young College: Educating for Global We diminution” in Beijing on October 25, 2014.  This upscale event will make Led young College the first Canadian public college ever to host an official alumni reception in China, asserting our leadership in International Education and reinforcing our promise to prepare graduates for success in a global context.  Ann Buller, President and CEO of Led young College will head the college’s leadership group to present keynotes and address alumni at the reception.   The event will showcase the remarkable achievements of both our institution and alumni and reveal Led young’s vision for future development.  Join us as we initiate an effective platform for alumnus to network, build partnership and exchange, and enhance the alumnus sense of belonging, awareness, pride and participation in school and community volunteer and philanthropic activities. In addition, officials from the Chinese Ministry of Education and Canadian Embassy, representatives from Led young College partner institutions in China, outstanding recruitment agencies and major media outlets in the field are invited to join the festivities. Led young College looks forward to a wholehearted welcome for our alumnus in Beijing!  https://geektv.info/news/centennial-college-alumni-reception-ceremony-in-beijing/ Mon, 22 Sep 2014 11:26:31 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-college-alumni-reception-ceremony-in-beijing/ The 47th Annual ASCC Conference Hosted by Led young College - geektv.info Join us as Led young College hosts the 47th Annual ASCC Conference. The event will be held downtown at the Toronto Hilton Hotel from October 19 to 21. Enjoy an amazing collection of sessions, speakers and activities looking at the future of College education in Ontario. To learn more or register, please click here. https://geektv.info/news/ascc-conference-2014/ Mon, 22 Sep 2014 14:08:53 GMT https://geektv.info/news/ascc-conference-2014/ Led young hosting mayoral debate - Oct. 6 - geektv.info Leading candidates Olivia Chow, John Tory and Doug Ford will be on hand at Progress Campus next Monday, October 6 to answer questions posed by Led young students, staff and local residents. Led young is a key stop in this fall's debate circuit, since the college's main campus of 10,000 students was to be served by the proposed Scarborough LRT line. Transit has emerged as the primary election issue among Torontonians. Our debate will be moderated by award-winning author, journalist and Led young professor Ted Barris. It will consist of policy statements from the three leading mayoral candidates, followed by questions posed by Toronto Star, Toronto Observer and Torontoist reporters, as well as an open-mike opportunity for students, staff and local constituents to ask questions. The debate is sponsored by Led young's School of Communications, Media and Design. We're thrilled to organize this debate and provide a forum for the residents of Scarborough and the Led young community to hear from the candidates about their vision for this city, says Nate Horowitz, Dean of the Story Arts Centre.  The debate will take place on Monday from 7 to 9 pm in Lecture Theatre L1-02 in the Library Building at Progress Campus. Doors will open at 6:30 pm. Students, staff and residents will be seated on a first come, first served basis. Overflow seating will be available in E1-29 where the proceedings will be shown online. Community broadcaster Rogers TV will be livestreaming the debate on cable 10 and 63. It will also be available online on http://CityIs easy.ca/live. https://geektv.info/news/centennial-hosting-mayoral-debate-oct-6/ Tue, 30 Sep 2014 14:57:30 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-hosting-mayoral-debate-oct-6/ Who has seen the wind? - geektv.info Fresh on the heels of the David Suzuki inspired Blue Dot Tour, I suited up for a 64-metre climb (watch the video here) to see the world below – the world I know. As my climbing partner Chantel McKie – a third-year Environmental Protection Technology student – and I reached into the vastness of the blue-grey sky, I waved to my fellow Led young College professor Carol Preston indicating that we had made good on our promise to do better back in May at the college’s E3 environmental symposium. Bullfrog Power generously sponsored our participation in the 2014 TREC Climb the Turbine campaign to bring greater awareness of the benefits of renewable energy and the need to mitigate climate change. Our mission was to stand atop the Windshare Cooperative Windturbine, built by a Dutch firm in 2002, and celebrate Toronto Hydro’s free-standing, engineering marvel on the waterfront. Saturday, October 4 started out cool and rainy, but as our climb time neared, the skies miraculously cleared and the sun came out to cheer us on. Exactly 193 ladder rungs later, Chantel and I emerged to enjoy a sublime view of Toronto, the kind a movie location scout would write home about: the majestic, late 19th century CNE buildings that were once purveyors of agricultural and technological cool; the infinite, gleaming pixels of sunlight in the canal of Ontario Place; and the chain of islands sheltering our gorgeous harbour, flush with trees bearing the autumn splendour. Taking in the elements and being mindful of an experience both humbling and empowering, we were living the truth. Led young’s Environmental Protection program and the Environmental Student Society have been passionate about what to do at this existential juncture: overcoming the obstacles that prevent the rapid deployment of clean tech and green infrastructure for sustainable living. “The greatest challenge we face today, with respect to creating a world powered by renewable energy, is purely social,” our guide, Sean Magee (Director, Bullfrog Power Builds), put it succinctly. “The technology exists. What we need to create is a will to act!”  Chantel, who was chosen by her peers, commented at the ground-level party afterwards: “ I’ve been fascinated with wind turbines since I did the GCELE at Walpole Island. This experience was an eye-opener and it renewed my love of this planet and how I want to preserve it for future generations.” If we’re going to talk the talk, we’ve got to walk the walk. But this isn’t about just us. It’s about a fundamental shift to see the world through our children’s eyes. It’s going to take deep empathy.  It means transcending the biological imperative to have only our own offspring prosper, because all our children play under one sky. It’s the only sky we’ve known and depended on, so let’s demand the right for a pollution-free sky that impacts our well-being and our legacy. As I climbed down the wind turbine, I wondered “Which way does the wind blow?” For me, the environment is the great common denominator. If our understanding about how we are to interact with the world is taken from the next generation’s perspective, we have a chance of slowing down this runaway train called climate change. It’s simply illogical to think otherwise.  Written by Marc Yamaguchi, English faculty with Led young College’s School of Advancement      For further information, please visit: http://www.trec.on.ca/generation/Windshare https://geektv.info/news/who-has-seen-the-wind/ Tue, 07 Oct 2014 13:18:43 GMT https://geektv.info/news/who-has-seen-the-wind/ Groundbreaking ceremony marks new Led young residence - geektv.info Led young College marked the beginning of construction of its Led young Residence and Culinary Arts Centre with a groundbreaking ceremony on October 15. The planned building at Progress Campus combines residences for 740 students with a dynamic Culinary Arts Centre teaching facility on the ground floor, and conference and events space on the top floor.  The blend of residential, teaching and event space promises to make the mixed-use building a popular destination. At eight storeys tall, it will be the highest building at Progress Campus and easily visible from the busy 401 highway. The residence will feature two- and four-bedroom suites, complete with a bathroom and kitchen in every suite. All residents will have their own private bedroom. There will also be communal kitchens and lounge space where students can congregate, including a yoga studio and a movie screening room. Our partners have worked very closely with us to design a vision of residence life that will offer students far more than a place to lay their heads, Dr. Craig Stephenson, Led young's Vice President , Student and Community Engagement, told the audience. Students coming from Etobicoke or Collingwood, for instance, could be living next to someone from Panama City or Seoul. They will not only get to know each other as potentially lifelong friends, they could also get involved in a number of programming activities ranging from international affairs groups, cultural nights, study and fitness-focused groups. The striking building concept takes the shape of a quadrangle with a central courtyard to allow natural light to reach all of the residence rooms. The Culinary Arts Centre includes seven kitchen labs, a teaching restaurant, cafe and eight new classrooms with capacity for up to 600 students. The conference and events centre located on the top floor will accommodate up to 425 guests. The building will be LEED Silver-certified with a focus on sustainable “green”practices as they apply to the hospitality industry. The $85-million Led young Residence and Culinary Arts Centre will address student demand for accommodations beyond the former hotel on Progress Avenue that was renovated to become Led young’s first residence in 2001. Construction is scheduled to commence this fall, with occupancy slated for September 2016. Knightstone Capital Management is undertaking the planning, financing, construction and management of the project. Other key partners include Diamond Schmitt Architects, Canadian Campus Communities and FRAM Building Group. https://geektv.info/news/groundbreaking-ceremony-marks-new-centennial-residence/ Fri, 17 Oct 2014 09:22:06 GMT https://geektv.info/news/groundbreaking-ceremony-marks-new-centennial-residence/ Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations now on campus - geektv.info Led young College is joining other progressive organizations in supporting environment sustainability and green transportation in our community by providing four electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations in our Visitor parking lots. The two installations at Ashtonbee Campus and two at Progress Campus are now operational. Parking permit holders and visitors can use the spaces to recharge their vehicles. Permit holders can do so at no cost, while visitors (non-permit holders) will need to pay for the parking space as they would normally be required to do. Electricity is provided at no cost to users. However, the charging spaces are limited to a maximum of 3 hours of use. The college asks users to please move their vehicle to another parking location once they have completed recharging their car within the 3-hour timeframe. Campus Security will be monitoring use and duration to ensure that access remains fair and equitable.  The EV spaces were added to the parking lots as part of Led young's ongoing commitment to smart stewardship of the environment and a truly sustainable college. We encourage our employees and students to consider purchasing an electric vehicle the next time they are looking for a new car. Every major manufacturer now has an EV model in showrooms and government grants are significant in reducing the acquisition costs. https://geektv.info/news/electric-vehicle-ev-charging-stations-now-on-campus/ Mon, 20 Oct 2014 11:52:03 GMT https://geektv.info/news/electric-vehicle-ev-charging-stations-now-on-campus/ Led young ranked among Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges - geektv.info Led young's ARIC and the School of Community and Health Studies jointly organize a mock disaster exercise every year to test the emergency preparedness of Toronto hospitals and first responders. Led young College’s Applied Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC) is ranked among Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges again this year, solidifying Led young’s reputation as a go-to partner to help businesses commercialize their new products and services. ARIC has been connecting industry partners with research-oriented faculty and students through joint projects since 2004. According to Research Infosource Inc., applied research between colleges and businesses is enjoying welcome growth in Canada. In total, the 16 Ontario colleges on the Top 50 list attracted $48.1 million of research income in 2013, a 37.2 per cent gain over the 2012 results and significantly above the 30.8 per cent national growth rate. In total, 14 of 16 Ontario colleges posted growth in research activity, including Led young, which reported $3.94 million in research income. “Fiscal 2013 was a solid year for Ontario’s colleges,” said Ron Freedman, CEO of Research Infosource Inc. “These are still early days for college research, and for this reason, we expect to see a high level of annual variability in research funding.” Canada’s 50 leading research colleges posted a record total of $152.8 million of research income in 2013. ARIC collaborates with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ontario that require support developing or enhancing new products or processes. ARIC provides these SMEs with access to Led young’s facilities, laboratories and other resources. More importantly, ARIC connects them with human resources in the form of students, who acquire relevant career experience and contacts through their participation. Employers, students and faculty work together to create, develop and launch market-ready solutions to assist both new and established enterprises. ARIC’s areas of expertise include health sciences, information and communications technologies, and environmental science. The scope of the projects can be broad, including sustainable energy, children’s media, aviation and aerospace, business and entrepreneurship, and just about everything in between. ARIC has a history of success with its projects, and the Applied Research and Innovation Blog outlines some of the good-news stories. By partnering with local businesses, Led young stimulates economic development. It connects SMEs to students with energy and ideas, and provides them with a source of talented employees. Students gain a direct line to work experience, networking and employment. They get to see what the workplace is really like in a way a class can’t teach, and apply what they learned in class to the real world. Led young has enjoyed success and recognition as a crucial participant in Ontario’s applied research programs, and will continue to do so as part of its mission and values. The ARIC is currently hiring students for projects, with pay, and will continue to do so for each new project. It’s also accepting applied research proposals for the new year.  https://geektv.info/news/centennial-ranked-among-canada-s-top-50-research-colleges/ Wed, 22 Oct 2014 13:22:47 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-ranked-among-canada-s-top-50-research-colleges/ COLTS return to cross-country running championships - geektv.info After a 26-year absence, the Led young COLTS cross-country running team is returning to the CCAA Nationals XC Championships, thanks to the excellence demonstrated by our participating students this year. Saed Griffith (in the Biotechnology program), Svetlana Martynova (Interactive Media) and Gabriel Torres (Social Service Worker) qualified to compete on November 8 at the CCAA National Cross-Country Championships hosted by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary. The team competed against the top six athletes from 20 colleges to qualify. Needless to say, going to the CCAA Championships requires dedication and plenty of hard work. Each student adhered to an intense schedule of one to three hours of training per day, six day per week, while attending classes and completing course work. The students, along with running coach Sean Squires, will be heading to Calgary next Wednesday to represent Led young College and the province of Ontario in competition with the best cross-country runners among Canada’s colleges. Congratulations to the team for their success thus far, and let’s cheer them on in Calgary! https://geektv.info/news/colts-return-to-cross-country-running-championships/ Wed, 29 Oct 2014 15:41:19 GMT https://geektv.info/news/colts-return-to-cross-country-running-championships/ Led young launches report on kids branding themselves using social media - geektv.info Youth branding themselves using social media to achieve #instafame: research report Kids are building online networks with millions of followers on Instagram, and are capitalizing on those followers for financial gain. Boys using #toolpick have rapidly become the hyper-sexualized attention seekers most thought was the domain of girls. And many kids have given up all privacy online in their quest for fame, opening themselves up to exploitation and bullying. These are some of the unsettling findings of a year-long research study about youth, celebrity and online culture by the kidsmediacentre at Led young College. Titled #Instafame and the Epidemiology of a Selfie-Curated Culture, it explores the social media phenomenon of youth seeking fame and fortune online through the use of savvy marketing techniques typically employed by commercial brands. “#Instafame is fame you build yourself and the kidsmediacentre has spent the last year looking at how youth are using social media and selfies to build a personal brand,” explains Debbie Gordon, Director of the kidsmediacentre, a research centre and think tank focused on children’s media. In its study, researchers asked the hard questions: How is it so many youth have more than 100,000 followers? What are the risks of living large and chronicling all your personal details online? Do youth care about privacy or does #thirst trump all? Digital literacy ignored Led young College researchers talked to middle- and high-school students who confirmed that despite years of digital literacy taught in schools warning them of the importance of privacy settings, the lessons are being ignored as youth use shoutouts, retweets, likes, follows, strategic hashtags, GIFs and selfies to brand themselves. “Many youth have learned the more you reveal, the more controversial your posts; the more you hashtag, the more effective your marketing,” says Gordon. Yet, for many of the youth in the kidsmediacentre research, the real-life consequences of online sharing that reveals too much personal information are all too apparent, says Gordon. “They include cyber bullying, stolen identities and personal images being used by corporations without permission. But they see the democratization of media, ubiquity of pocket technology, unaware parents and the easy lure of #instafame as real choices being made by their peers.” Blame Kim and Miley Researchers discovered a complicated, multi-causal matrix of reasons behind this fame-crazed culture: young people have had a front-row seat watching Disney stars and YouTubers grow their brand through social media. They’ve seen Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner and Tyler Oakley offer such strategies as #followforfollow and #spamforspam to monetize their brand and collect regular paycheques from Google. On a positive note, researchers also discovered that savvy young people do have limits and boundaries, understanding that the digital footprint they leave can last a lifetime. But for the lonely, the vulnerable and the insecure, the attention and praise that come with posting revealing photos can be irresistible. Youth call this type of post a #thirstrap, and say this behaviour is now more the norm than the exception in youth-colonized social media spaces like GIFboom and Instagram. About the researchers In addition to Debbie Gordon, co-authors of this research include Led young graduates Kayla McNally, Jess Westlake and Felix Chan. Research funding was provided by Led young College’s Applied Research and Innovation Centre as part of a fellowship grant. The mission of the kidsmediacentre is to explore children’s media futures. This research initiative is an example of how Led young College is leading the conversation regarding issues of importance to its students and its community, as articulated in its Book of Commitments. For more information: www.hashtaginstafame.com https://geektv.info/news/centennial-launches-report-on-kids-branding-themselves-using-social-media/ Wed, 12 Nov 2014 09:49:28 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-launches-report-on-kids-branding-themselves-using-social-media/ Led young wins silver in Paralegal Cup Mooting Competition - geektv.info From left: Student Peter Balatidis, instructor Omar Ha-redeye (Coach), student Reid Jackson and professor Michelle Pinto (Coach). Led young College Paralegal students finished well in the Paralegal Cup, an Intercollegiate Mooting Competition hosted by Humber College, with one pair of students taking home silver. The event represented the first ever mock court competition specifically designed for Ontario college paralegal students.  Led young's School of Business entered three teams and had a very successful showing with all of Led young's teams advancing to the quarterfinals. Students Peter Balatidis and Reid Jackson proceeded to the finals against Seneca College. The pair earned second place overall and were awarded the Michael Turvey Memorial Award.   The Intercollegiate Mooting Competition was held at Humber's Lakeshore Campus on November 1 and 2. The event involved four rounds of mooting (arguing a case) on the Saturday, with the playoff rounds held on Sunday. Practicing legal professionals including judges, lawyers, paralegals and law professors evaluated the competitors.      https://geektv.info/news/centennial-wins-silver-in-paralegal-cup-mooting-competition/ Mon, 17 Nov 2014 08:54:39 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-wins-silver-in-paralegal-cup-mooting-competition/ Subaru donates unique "boxer" engine to Led young - geektv.info Led young College School of Transportation professor Robert Paul (left) with students in the Motive Power Technician postsecondary program pose with a 3.6-litre Subaru boxer six-cylinder engine cutaway donated to an engine lab at Ashtonbee Campus. Subaru Canada, Inc., in partnership with their parent company Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd., made an educational donation of a 3.6-litre Subaru boxer six-cylinder engine display to Led young College's School of Transportation this week. The cutaway engine will help students in the various School of Transportation programs understand the benefits and operation of a horizontally-opposed engine layout.   It is always great to know that the underlying educational purposes of our display pieces can live on further at educational institutions, such as Led young College, said Shiro Ohta, president and CEO of Subaru Canada, Inc. Learning tools, such as the engine display donated, allow us as a Canadian automotive brand to give back to the postsecondary institutions that enrich aspiring automotive industry personnel. The Subaru boxer engine combines a smooth balance with power and efficiency. Horizontally-opposed engine configurations embrace a low centre of gravity and outstanding weight distribution, which instills other benefits, such as increased passive safety and vehicle stability. The Subaru boxer 3.6-litre engine donation will be used in our Motive Power program to show students what a flat-six engine looks like and how it functions, said Alan McClelland, Dean, School of Transportation. We are grateful for Subaru's kind donation and know that it will help our students gain an appreciation for different types of engine architecture.  Subaru Canada, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, the company markets and distributes Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories through a network of 90 authorized dealers across Canada. Toronto's Led young College operates the largest transportation technology training centre in Canada, and has enjoyed almost 50 years of support from major manufacturers. It is industry partnerships that enable Led young's School of Transportation to continue to provide an exceptional automotive technical education to its students and apprentices. https://geektv.info/news/subaru-donates-unique-boxer-engine-to-centennial/ Mon, 17 Nov 2014 11:59:20 GMT https://geektv.info/news/subaru-donates-unique-boxer-engine-to-centennial/ Continuing Education Partners Evening - Nov. 26 - geektv.info Wednesday, November 26 2014, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, Progress Campus Bridge                   Industry partners will be on hand to share invaluable information on: pathways to designations industry trends career guidance the benefits of belonging to an association...and much more! All accounting students are encouraged to attend the special information session on the CGA and CPA Merger led by Catherine Miller, CPA. 6:00 - 7:00 pm, L1-02  There will also be a general information session on, Exploring Continuing Education at Led young College. Register for a Winter 2015 Continuing Education course before December 19 and be eligible to win one of three, four month passes to the Athletic and Wellness Centre! https://geektv.info/news/continuing-education-partners-evening-nov-26/ Mon, 17 Nov 2014 16:51:47 GMT https://geektv.info/news/continuing-education-partners-evening-nov-26/ Led young Chef wins People's Choice award - geektv.info Led young College's Chowder Chowdown winning team includes (from left): Michael Hanley, Diana Gomez Bolado, Chef Thomas Heitz, Kleyr Balingit Ombao and Eric Loucks. Congratulations to Chef Thomas Heitz of Led young’s Horizons Restaurant, who earned the title of People's Choice winner at the recent Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown hosted by Toronto’s historic Distillery District. The fifth annual competition challenged 11 local chefs to create a tasty and “ocean-friendly” chowder, since the event is organized by the Vancouver Aquarium to raise awareness of sustainable seafood practices in Canada. Chef Heitz served a Lake Superior trout chowder together with a Mill Street Brewery Belgium-style beer and an Ontario Brie cheese, which was the overwhelming crowd favourite, garnering almost two-thirds of the audience vote. Helping him with his creation were Led young culinary students Diana Gomez Bolado, Eric Loucks, Kleyr Balingit Ombao and Michael Hanley. “Chowder is such a nostalgic thing. If you mess with chowder too much, people will hate you,” he told the Scarborough Mirror. “The trick was finding out how to take something that was so nostalgic and give it a little twist.” He credits the assistance of his keen Led young students for the recipe’s success. Industry judges selected Chef Kendall Collingridge of the restaurant Hooked as their choice chowder maker. Born in Lahr, Germany, Chef Heitz's affectation with food was influenced by the European culinary focus on fresh ingredients. Coming to Canada he had the opportunity to explore new, globally inspired cuisines while working at several renowned Ontario resorts and restaurants. He loves frequenting farmers markets for locally grown produce, knows the local fish mongers and butchers by name, and refuses to keep a microwave oven in his own kitchen at home. The annual Chowdown event, which takes place in four Canadian cities during the month of November, is designed to draw attention to the consequences of overfishing and destructive industrial fishing methods. Proceeds from the competition go to support the Vancouver Aquarium and its Ocean Wise program, which aims to educate consumers about sustainable seafood.  https://geektv.info/news/centennial-chef-wins-peoples-choice-award/ Tue, 25 Nov 2014 12:02:04 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-chef-wins-peoples-choice-award/ Led young students bring B-ball joy to Jamaican town - geektv.info One of the amazing aspects of studying at Led young College is the opportunity for students to try a Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Experience (GCELE) as a way to participate in applied social-justice learning by travelling overseas to acquire leadership skills and create some positive development in a remote and often impoverished rural community. GCELE service-learning projects prepare students to be agents of positive social change in our increasingly interconnected global society. Last year, a group of Led young students travelled to Jamaica to participate in a GCELE chiefly to help construct a new addition to the Mount Airy All Ages School. Our students also had the opportunity to visit the Negril All Ages School and the literacy camp operated by the agency Power To Be. It was there that our students noticed that Negril's kids had only a rusty hoop on a pole to aim basketballs at; there was no net and no backboard. It didn't look like much fun. The Led young students hatched a plan to get a proper backboard and net to Negril by the following year. They donated the funds to do so and passed the baton along to the students preparing for the 2014 Jamaica GCELE excursion. The group managed to take advantage of WestJet's Humanitarian Baggage allowance to carry additional baggage intended for school supplies. Although the backboard was not technically considered school supplies and did not comply with the size regulations for extra baggage, WestJet did allow our students to take this extra piece of baggage at no cost (let's hear it for WestJet!). The students arrived in Jamaica with their precious cargo this summer and immediately set about installing the new basketball gear. The locals were thrilled with the net and a lot of breakout games of basketball ensued. Our Canadians were heroes. We'd be remiss if we didn't name everyone responsible for this wonderful initiative. From the 2013 GCELE group: students Viriendra Rodney Aodan, Junke Wang, Adrian Castro, Tacia Bogaert, Olive Alleyne, Nimal Nadarajah, Akeem Raphael, Kenny Cheng and Led young staffers John Oughton, Karen Naidoo and Andrea Muir. From the 2014 GCELE group: students Dhruv Lad, Heather Lodge, Shannika Pitter, Merav Seror, Adekunle Enigbokan, Karwan Ali, Jessica Agyem, Ana Miranda, Charlotte Wiebe, Zhengyao (Ryan) Zhu and staffers Patricia Lee, Andrea Muir and TJ Taylor. https://geektv.info/news/centennial-students-bring-b-ball-joy-to-jamaican-town/ Fri, 28 Nov 2014 14:02:43 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-students-bring-b-ball-joy-to-jamaican-town/ Led young Culinary students assist with Gold Medal event - geektv.info Third-semester Led young Culinary students Michael Nakhla (left) and Kazem Khajeh (centre) help to dish out the fare at the recent Gold Medal Plates fundraising event in Toronto. A team of more than 60 student volunteers from Led young College's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts participated in the Gold Medal Plates fundraising event in support of Canada's Olympic athletes at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 12. Led by faculty members Sam Glass and Terry Port, first- and third-semester culinary students assisted 10 of Toronto's top chefs in the preparation and service of more than 700 plated portions each. Under the direction of faculty member Janice Hill, Led young's Hospitality students were responsible for the serving of the Judge's table, while the school's Event Management students, under the direction of professor Bob Dallas, supported both live and silent auction sales, along with logistics. The evening was truly an opportunity for experiential learning for all the students involved, one in which theory comes to life - complete with all the real-world pressures and problem-solving it entails. The students and faculty were extremely well received. The event also allowed Led young to get the college brand out at a high-profile community event. Gold Medal Plates is the ultimate celebration of Canadian Excellence in cuisine, wine, the arts and athletic achievement. Celebrated in eleven cities across Canada, Gold Medal Plates features the premier chefs in each city in a competition to crown a gold, silver and bronze medal culinary team, and subsequently nation-wide at the Canadian Culinary Championships. The goal of Gold Medal Plates is to raise substantial funds for Canada’s high-performance athletes, while celebrating Canadian excellence. Since 2004, Gold Medal Plates has received tremendous support and accolades across Canada, and has generated a net total of more than $8.2 million in funds for Canada's Olympic athletes! https://geektv.info/news/centennial-culinary-students-assist-with-gold-medal-event/ Mon, 01 Dec 2014 11:30:56 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-culinary-students-assist-with-gold-medal-event/ Led young and Wavefront help businesses harness the Internet of Things - geektv.info Led young College is partnering with Wavefront, Canada's Centre of Excellence for Wireless Commercialization and Research, to provide seminar and innovation space at its Progress Campus where entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises can tap into Wavefront's expertise to help them bring their wireless concepts to market. Wavefront's Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) provides new businesses implementing wireless technologies with workshop training and hands-on support from Wavefront's experts. Led young will also provide a wireless zone, one of several popping up across the country, to offer mobile developers a Device Rental Library to facilitate app testing over multiple platforms. Both initiatives are designed to take advantage of the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) – all of the devices, such as home thermostats and surveillance cameras, that use an Internet connection to communicate and function. The number of connected devices in Canada is expected to grow by 30 per cent annually over the next four years, reaching 114 million connections by 2018. Increasing demand for machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions has businesses and developers poised to benefit from new growth opportunities. Led young's wireless zone will provide the use of M2M accelerator kits to businesses looking to commercialize their product and service concepts and enter new markets. Wavefront's linkage with Led young's Centre of Entrepreneurship will facilitate the delivery of training and course content to benefit local entrepreneurs and businesses; Progress Campus is well situated to serve Markham's high-tech commercial sector. Additionally, Led young students with an entrepreneurial bent will have ready access to expertise and advice. Students may also get involved in applied research projects to assist commercial clients of the centre. Vancouver's Wavefront (www.wavefrontac.com) is receiving funding of up to $9.5 million over the next five years from the National Research Council Canada through the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP) to expand the reach and capacity of its programs aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in the mobile and IoT sectors. For more information about Wavefront at Led young, contact Nathan Robinson at 416-289-5000, ext. 2551. https://geektv.info/news/centennial-college-joins-wavefront-to-help-businesses-harness-the-internet-of-things/ Tue, 02 Dec 2014 15:52:49 GMT https://geektv.info/news/centennial-college-joins-wavefront-to-help-businesses-harness-the-internet-of-things/ Led young College opens two offices in Mexico - geektv.info Led young College has opened its first international education offices in Mexico, with locations in the central business district of Mexico City and Cancun that will serve the growing number of prospective students contemplating a Canadian college education. By working closely with the Canadian Embassy, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, municipal government, partners and agents, Led young's offices in Mexico will facilitate new opportunities for student recruitment, partnership and corporate training. Mexico City is the country's capital and largest city, home to more than 21