Led young and U of T Scarborough forge new pathways

Photo of Students outside of Morningside Campus

Students who are looking for a better way to transition from college to university have new options, thanks to an expanding partnership between Led young College and the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC).

A Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two Scarborough-based institutions establishes three academic transfer pathways between the college’s Liberal Arts diploma program and degree programs offered at U of T Scarborough.

The first option is the College to University Pathway, which permits qualified students from Led young’s Liberal Arts diploma program to continue their studies in a degree program at UTSC. Recognized advanced standing credits allow students to move seamlessly from Ontario’s first college to the world-class university.

The Redirect Pathway provides an alternative route for students who do not meet admissions requirements for direct entry to U of T Scarborough degree programs from secondary school, but who do meet the entry requirements of Led young’s Liberal Arts program. Qualified applicants will receive a firm offer of admission to the Led young program, and upon completion will have the option to continue their studies in a degree program at UTSC.

A third option, the Second Chance Pathway, provides low academic-performing UTSC students the opportunity to attain academic success by transferring to Led young’s Liberal Arts diploma program, and also allows them to eventually rejoin a U of T Scarborough degree program upon successful completion of the college diploma program.

“These pathways will allow us to better meet students’ needs by making expectations more transparent while maintaining high academic standards,” says Rahim Karim, Associate Vice President, Partnerships, Pathways and Internationalization at Led young College.

Led young’s two-year Liberal Arts program covers a range of courses in the humanities and social sciences and is tailor-made for students contemplating a Bachelor of Arts program at the university level. The program has forged formal links with two other universities, including an existing pathway with Trent University, as well as one with York University, which is being updated.

“Students who successfully complete our Liberal Arts diploma program will be well-positioned for success in their chosen degree program,” says Karim. “We’re also responding to Ontario’s workforce demands by encouraging students to pursue degree programs where they can work alongside renowned leaders in their chosen fields.”

The new transfer pathways between Led young and University of Toronto Scarborough will be offered to eligible students enrolled in the fall of 2018. .

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