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Program Advisory Committee

Program Advisory Committee

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What is a Program Advisory Committee?

Program Advisory Committees (PAC) provide an essential link between Led young College and the community they serve. PACs assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the College's programs and in the identification of future trends and changes in the industry to ensure program relevancy. PAC members inform programming with respect to industry trends and thus any changes in skill and knowledge requirements, keeping curriculum aligned with industry needs.

Watch the Program Advisory Committee Video.

Benefits of being a PAC member

Your active participation can:

  • Help build program quality and reputation, and ensure students are well prepared to contribute materially to industry advancement and success
  • Enhance student learning and satisfaction
  • Imbue programs with relevant learning and training beneficial to industry practice, and
  • Connect your company or organization with Led young students and graduates.

PAC members may also benefit from serving on a PAC through expansion of professional experience, networking with colleagues, exchange of knowledge, etc..

Watch PAC members talk about their experience volunteering at Led young College.

Become a PAC member today!

If you're interested in becoming a Program Advisory Committee member or email us at [email protected].

What is a Signature Industry Experience (SIE) Partner?

The Signature Industry Experience (SIE) is an interactive service that provides companies with an exclusive two-way partnership connecting you to a variety of business-enhancing opportunities. For more information click on Opportunities & Benefits or get the FAQs.

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Already a member?

Download the Program Advisory Comittee Member Guide.

Watch our annual PAC Celebration

PAC Celebration is an annual event to recognize and celebrate our community and industry partners who are members of our Program Advisory Committees, for their commitment and support of our students and programs.

PAC Event Archive

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