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Opportunities and Benefits

Opportunities and Benefits

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  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Service: Single point of contact that will connect your company with a variety of college wide opportunities.
  • Funding Opportunities: We can seek and apply for funding to carry out joint academic-industry initiatives, for mutual benefits and growth opportunities.
  • Co-op Students and Graduates: Our co-op students and graduates are ready to apply their classroom education to real world experiences, to help your company innovate and grow.
  • Research and Innovation Solutions: Our Applied Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Services can help you solve complex problems with innovative solutions; helping your company stay competitive in a rapidly changing global economy.
  • Government Advocacy: Led young is connected to all levels of government and in certain cases can advocate on your behalf on a number of issues.
  • Business Start-up and Scale-up Solutions: Our award winning Centre of Entrepreneurship offers multiple accelerator and incubation programs.
  • Networking Opportunities and Guest Speaking: You will receive information on different networking opportunities to facilitate the creation of strategic partnerships. Led young also offers a number of guest speaking opportunities either in the classroom or at events.
  • Corporate Training: We can provide your employees with specialized training (i.e. new software, health and safety, etc).
  • Develop Inclusive Practices and Global Perspectives: We can educate your company on inclusive practices, equity and global perspectives.
  • Program Advisory Committee (PAC): Become a PAC member. Advise the College on current industry standards, requirements and practices, used to maintain rigor and relevance in our programming.


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