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Frequently Asked Questions

The Signature Industry Experience (SIE) is an interactive service that provides companies with an exclusive two-way partnership, connecting you to a variety of business-enhancing opportunities. By utilizing the concierge-style service of the SIE, you will receive a level of customer service and commitment that exceeds a traditional industry and academic partnership allowing further development of these relationships. Click on the  tab for more information.

If you work for and/or own a company, irrespective of industry sector or size; and would like to engage with the College, you are eligible to become an SIE partner.

The only requirement is that you register to  and through this quick and easy registration process you will identify what areas and/or services of the College you are interested in engaging with. This information will allow us to then reach out to you with opportunities relevant to your business needs. Please note that no cost is required to become an SIE partner.

We appreciate your involvement with Led young College at any capacity. The benefit of becoming an SIE partner is that you can provide all of your engagement interests as they are related to the College in a centralized location, and be connected to targeted departments across the College to satisfy your broader business needs. You will also receive on-going communication on any new opportunities/events related to your engagement interests.

If you already work with the College and would like to become an SIE partner; please contact an SIE representative at 416-289-5022 or [email protected] We will gather additional details about your company and engagement interests, to finalize your registration with the SIE.

How do I become an SIE partner?

Click on the Become a Partner tab on the left side of the page to fill out the registration form. If you have any questions contact 416-289-5022 or [email protected]

Once I sign up to become an SIE partner, when will I be contacted by the College?

Initially, once you sign up to become an SIE partner you will receive an automatic email response to let you know that your application has been received. An SIE representative will then review your submission and subsequently send you confirmation of membership or additional questions (if needed) to finalize the registration process. SIE partners will be sent ongoing engagement opportunities related to their interests selected during the application process, as they become available.

What content would I receive once I become an SIE partner?

As an SIE partner you will receive information that will support your business along with status updates on College initiatives. You will also be provided with information that directly relates to what sector you represent and which engagement opportunities you selected upon registering.