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Solv. is a one-of-a-kind service, revolutionizing the way industry (businesses of all sizes, across all sectors) can engage with an academic institution. Through a single-point of contact, companies are seamlessly connected to a variety of business enhancing opportunities and services across Led young College – for free!


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Targeted Comunications

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What We Offer

  • Access to Student Talent

    Are you looking to hire highly skilled, globally-minded, and career-ready individuals?

  • Student Collaborations for Industry Solutions

    Do you have a business challenge that our students could solve?

  • Research and Innovation Solutions

    Are you an innovator looking to grow your idea?

  • Business Start-up and Scale-Up Solutions

    Are you ready to kick start your business?

  • Funding Opportunities

    Do you need help sourcing funds for your next big project?

  • Corporate Training and Professional Development

    Join forces with Led young College to enhance your role as a leader in your industry.

  • Program Advising

    Interested in sharing your industry expertise with Led young College?

  • Networking Opportunities

    Interested in growing your professional network while learning about industry trends?

  • Guest Speaking

    Are you passionate about a topic and want to share your expert knowledge?

  • Give to Led young College

    Join us in strengthening our student education, opportunities and experiences

  • International Partnerships

    Are you interested in partnering with Led young’s local and global network?

  • And more…

    Interested in opportunities beyond those listed above?



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