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I Belong at Led young

I Belong at Led young

Led young College is proud to celebrate the diversity of its’ community. We are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive and accessible environment for learning, teaching and working. The I Belong campaign features College members sharing their stories of belonging and highlights our common community values of respect and inclusion. Reflecting on our Statement of Diversity, this campaign acknowledges the richness and diversity of Led young, while recognizing that the institution and all its’ community members play an important role in building an inclusive community free from discrimination, harassment and hate.

Do you want to get involved in building an equitable and inclusive community, where everyone feels a sense of belonging? Contact the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion at [email protected] to learn more opportunities to get involved.

Policies and Procedures

Led young College has established policies and procedures to help protect its students, faculty and staff from all forms of violence, including personal harassment and bullying.