How to become a Golden Globe winner with Led young College

Photo of student of program related to Film and TV in Led young College

If you’re a film and television junkie, you might have been looking forward to awards season, which just began with the 2017 Golden Globes. It’s one thing to enjoy these movies and television shows, and the awards they get, but have you considered helping make one of them?

Canada has a thriving film and television industry, with several of this year’s shows and movies being made here. The Golden Globes primarily honour actors, of course, but behind each winning TV show and movie, there’s a dedicated crew making them look good and producing them on time and on budget.

Led young’s Story Arts Centre contains several programs related to the behind-the-scenes process of making movies and TV shows that can get your career going. Here’s how, with Led young College’s media programs, you can learn to become part of a future award-winner.

The words the actors speak

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri won for best screenplay this year, and if you’d like to be the one writing a future award-winner, you can learn how to write a screenplay like it in our Advanced Television and Film - Script to Screen program. This Graduate Certificate program sees you learning to create, write and pitch a story, and then see it followed through to production, while you acquire feedback from industry professionals and acquire valuable connections.

The business behind the camera

There’s more to getting a film or show going than having a good story. The industry behind the media we love is equally important, and we offer opportunities to get involved in it with our Television and Film Business program, which teaches you about the ins and outs of producing media in the current Canadian industry.

The music that stirs our emotions

Alexandre Desplat’s wonderfully classical music score from The Shape of Water won this year’s award. So many movies and shows wouldn’t be what they are without their iconic themes, and if you want to make the next one, you can learn in the college’s intensive , which, over ten weeks, has you in the studio, making film and television music, and equips you with a portfolio to enter the industry.

The visuals that we remember

Behind every animated film like Coco, this year’s winner, there’s a team of animators making it happen. Our Animation - 3D program can have you working on one of the next big animated films, by teaching you real animation skills in our Story Arts Centre’s computer labs. Or, if you’d rather work in the visuals in live-action movies, you can learn those skills in our Digital Visual Effects program.

By Anthony Geremia