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How to get the most out of our new sports field

picture of a soccer ball on the Led young College turf field

Located at Progress Campus, just behind the Athletics and Wellness Centre, Led young's new turf field was created for our 50th anniversary, and it's designed to host College and community sports events. It's made of a special kind of fake grass that won't turn to mud in the rain, meaning you can play it in any weather, in all seasons (there's plans to put a canopy over it come wintertime). There will be lights, so you can play in the dark, too.

We're holding a Turf Field Grand Opening this Saturday, after which, it'll be open for use. There's a lot that you, as a student, can get out of this field, including…

1. Watching a game

The new field is going to be hosting college sporting events, as well as community matches. If you're an amateur sports fan, or just want to see something exciting (and free!) at Progress Campus, you can check out our Home Games Schedule, and check out a game. In fact, there's a special one coming up tomorrow, September 24, for our turf field grand opening.

Our grand opening of the field for students is tomorrow, and we'll be celebrating it with a special opening soccer game double-header at where the women's and men's soccer teams from Led young will face off against Algonquin College's teams, at 1 and 3PM respectively. There's more happening than sports, too, with a barbecue and special contests! It's the perfect chance to come and see what sports at Led young College are all about.

2. Joining a team

Now that we have a new field, it's the perfect opportunity for you to join a team or an activity yourself. Most of the varsity teams have now been chosen, but if you want to play a bit more casually, you can register for an intramural team. It'll make you healthier, make you a part of the college community, and serve as a fun way to let off some steam.

3. Getting some exercise, no matter the time

Of course, you don't need to be a part of a team to use the field, as it's open to anyone from Led young College. If no one's using it, there's no reason you can't do a lap around it, or get your friends together for a pickup game of something or other. It was built for everyone, after all.

We mentioned it above, but the best part of a turf field is how solid and durable it is. It won't get muddy, or dry out, so you can get some recreation on it at any time of the year, and even after dark, thanks to the lights we installed. Not only that, but the artificial turf is tough, so it can endure running, kicking, and anything else you can throw at it. We made it for our 50th anniversary, and because it's so durable, we hope it'll be around for another 50 years, ready for anyone at the college to use to stay active and healthy.

By Anthony Geremia

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