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Five reasons to sign up for Paint the Town Green

picture of Led young College students at laptops in a hallway registering for Paint the Town Green

I'm sure you've heard of Paint the Town Green, thanks to all the posters around school, and the social media posts. If you haven't, here's some quick details: For our 50th anniversary, we're giving back to the community that made us what we are and getting closer to nature by identifying several parks, nature trails and other green spaces in the GTA, and greening them up, through activities like tree planting.

So, why should you be taking part? Well, you're spending a day around nature (something that's good for you), as well as bonding with your fellow students and the community. But there's other, more direct ways that attending will benefit you, and plenty of reasons to sign up. Here's why:

1. It comes with a day off school

You won't have to worry about missing class, for one thing. On September 27, the college will be open, but you'll have all of your your daytime classes off (evening classes will still be running), making it easy to take part in the events. Another thing that makes this easy? Our Childcare Centres will still be open during the event, so if you're a parent with a child enrolled there, you can still come out and join us.

2. You have a choice of where to go and what to do

Have a look at our options! Paint the Town Green is going to be taking place at several different sites around the GTA, and the two largest parks in the West End are still available to travel to. Maybe a particular location appeals to you, or you just want the one that's easier to get to. Either way, the choice will be yours.

3. Get some experience (and resumé points)

Paint the Town Green a day for experiential learning, which means you can put your participation on your resume, too, as an example of your volunteer work. Maybe you'll take a leadership role, or maybe you'll just prove your worth as a team player. Either way, it'll give a little boost to your career and experience. Speaking of leadership...

4. It counts to your leadership passport

One of the many things you can do at Led young College to upgrade your education is participate in our Leadership Passport program, which focuses on developing your leadership skills through participating in educational activities. If you're looking to find events for it, Paint the Town Green will count towards its completion. The semester's only just begun, so this could be one of the first events you take part in.

5. There's a free lunch! And a bit of myCard credit

During the day, you won't have to worry about feeding yourself: There's going to be a free lunch provided for you, with a vegetarian option provided. Meanwhile, to help you get to and from where you're going, your myCard will also get $5.00 of credit added to it, to help you pay for transportation.

So, why participate in Paint the Town Green? Aside from getting closer to the community and nature, you can acquire leadership experience, volunteer hours for your resume, or something to put on your Leadership Passport. You'll get the day off of school, get to pick where to go, and even get a free lunch. There's a lot to gain by Painting the Town Green, and there's still time to sign up!

By Anthony Geremia

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