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The sweet truths of baking at Led young College

picture of a centennial college baking pastry arts student adding filling to a pastry

If you've picked a career you genuinely enjoy, success is so much easier and sweeter. Speaking of sweet things, everyone likes doughnuts, cakes, pies, and freshly baked bread, right? But some people take it a step further, and learn how to make these delicious confections themselves. Are you into baking? Well, you can make a career out of it, and Led young College can help make that career happen.

Here's a  that examines a day in the life of a baker, and talks about both the highs and lows. If baking is something you like to do, you can make a career path out of it by developing that talent at Led young College. If you want to get the skills to go with the passion, we can teach it to you with our Commercial Bakeries program. The program takes only two semesters to turn you into a skilled professional, ready to enter the industry.

Room to rise (like bread)

If you want to expand your interest in baking to the business side of things, there's room to grow into a position like the one discussed in this . Taking our Pastry Arts Management program will teach you about the business aspects of the profession, including managing resources both material and human, on top of practical baking skills, including how to mass-produce popular confections.

Furthermore, if you're already taking the Commercial Bakeries program, you can complete it, then enter into the third semester of this program, saving you time. The program ends with an internship with one of the school's industry partners, perfect for networking your way into the industry.

Scholarships sweeten the deal

If you're planning to enter a baking program, the deal has become sweetened thanks to special new scholarship opportunities. The Baking Association of Canada's Ontario Chapter is funding a special scholarship specifically for baking students. It's another example of Led young College collaborating with industry to provide students with opportunities to advance themselves.

Concoct confections in our new labs

Where you're getting your baking education is just as important. This September, the school is opening new facilities at our Progress Campus, designed specifically for our Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts programs. Students of our Baking and Pastry Arts Management and Baking Pre-Employment programs will gain access to a state of the art baking lab, stocked with equipment typically used in large-scale baking facilities, meaning you'll be practicing your profession in the exact same environment you'll be working in, giving you real job experience before you graduate, and making you ready to work.

By Anthony Geremia

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