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Four ways to make your writing more professional

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No matter what career you're learning about, professional writing skills will benefit you. At the moment, it'll help you in school. When you graduate, it's almost guaranteed you'll need it for work, since almost every industry will have you writing in one context or another. At the very least, you'll need it for work emails and cover letters. We can teach you writing skills with Led young's Professional Writing graduate certificate, but for now, here's a few simple tips to upgrade your writing ability, sourced from and . If you'd like to know more, consider taking part in the program.

1. Plan ahead, and make it precise

Professional writing in a business setting is all about short, precise messages that tell you everything you need to know quickly and effectively. One way to ensure precision is to plan everything you're going to write by determining your audience, what message you want to get out of them, and what the best way to do it is. Your language should be precise, instead of academic and wordy, since in a busy business world, time is valuable, and people are more likely to read and respond to something that is about a single topic, and to the point.

2. Drafts and revision are important

Nothing you crank out will be perfect on the first try, and if you're not sure how to proceed, there's nothing wrong with jotting something terrible onto a page, and editing it into something much better.

Even if you think you've created something perfect, revise it anyways. Make sure your spelling and grammar are flawless, as it's the surest way to lose reader respect, regardless of how professional your writing is. One personal tip I have is to have someone else revise your work, as a different set of eyes will notice things you gloss over or write out of habit.

3. Remember those well-known, general tips

I'm sure you've heard these before, but watch out for commonly confused words and phrases, like affect/effect, their/there/they're, then/than and the like. Similarly, avoid using common abbreviations (FYI, BRB, BTW etc.), since they don't look professional. One excellent reference book to have on your shelf is the Canadian Press Stylebook.

4. Practice makes perfect

That's why our Professional Writing program exists. It's a grad certificate for students that already have post-secondary education, and are looking to beef up their skills. In two semesters, it focuses on delivering relevant, thoughtful written content that meets audience needs, and fits into a variety of professional settings, be it for the web, technology, presentations, speechwriting and more. It's a career-oriented certificate, able to connect you to a wide variety of writing-oriented professions, thanks to a field placement component that will get you out into the workplace before even graduating.

By Anthony Geremia

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