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Four ways Led young College can make you a master chef

Picture of Centennila College instructor Chef James Smith in a Led young College kitchen facility

If you're doing something you love as a career, you'll never work a day in your life. Everyone likes a delicious meal, but some of us are better at cooking than others. If you're the type that watches the Food Network, always cooks for their friends and family, and consider food to be an art, you could turn it into a career. At Led young College, we'll not only show you how, we'll turn you into a culinary master. Here's how.

1. You're taught by master chefs

One such instructor is Chef James Smith, who's worked in a variety of top Toronto restaurants, like Scaramouche Truffles at the Four Seasons, Boba and Senator, as well as also working at the Food Network on several programs, including Christine Cushing Live.

2. You're walking in the footsteps of award-winners

The annual Battle of Ontario Culinary Competition at Niagara Falls is an opportunity where our culinary students get to shine, and a chance to prove that the education we give them is top-notch. Last year, Led young College culinary students Seonglyong Jo and Natasha MacMurchy won silver medals, and we've claimed gold in previous years. Trained by their professor, Seonglyong and Natasha wowed judges with venison sushi, a concept they came up with using their assigned ingredients.

3. You're getting on-your-feet cooking and learning opportunities

For example, Led young College partnered with Localista, a renowned local food truck with a focus on sourcing Ontario ingredients to produce international street food. Students can work with the food truck as part of the Food Entrepreneurship program, as it travels from one campus to another over the summer, and work with the operator of Localista, Tamara Chaikin, to learn how to design and execute the business operations of a food truck. That's just one of the experiential learning opportunities available to culinary students at Led young.

4. A brand new learning facility

In order to give you that practical experience, we need to simulate that work environment while you're in school. In order to better serve students, we're nearly finished building a brand new Residence and Culinary Arts Centre at Progress Campus. As a student of Culinary Arts, you'll be given real, physical work experience in an environment well-equipped to simulate the career you want to work at. It's eight stories tall, and includes seven kitchen laboratories, nine classrooms, and most crucially, a teaching restaurant. Culinary Arts students will learn on their feet, working to create actual dishes in a functioning restaurant, picking up real world skills.

If you want to get career experience at this brand new, state-of-the-art facility, the Culinary Skills - Chef Training program will be taught there starting in Fall 2016.

By Anthony Geremia

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