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Displaced Persons Awareness Week: The Legal Society lends a hand

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Led young College is a school of the world, and as such, works to help assist the global community with major issues of the day. That's why we're kicking off Displaced Persons Awareness Week today, across all our campuses. The events taking place at the college will provide students with opportunities to learn and help refugees from both Syria, and anywhere else in the world. But it wasn't just the college who felt the need to help champion the cause of displaced persons. To help make the events of this week possible, student volunteers were needed. That's where the Legal Society of Led young College stepped in.

Athursh Vaithilingam is the current president of the Led young College Legal Society, which started up in September 2015. Composed of students from our law programs, the Legal Society is focused on advocating global social justice. The Legal Society became involved with Displaced Persons Awareness Week because it fit perfectly with their mission.

This week, the society will be providing support in the form of assisting organizers and guests for each event, helping set up and hosting their own booth, where students can pick up information and join the society. "We hope to use the Awareness Week as a way to garner interest in social justice issues, and use this as an opportunity to sign up new members to assist on initiatives down the line," Athursh says.

This isn't the first time the Legal Society has helped out with the cause of displaced persons. "Last semester we held a "Network and Chill" event to raise awareness on the Humanitarian crisis in Syria, and have committed to donating $2,500 to Lifeline Syria to assist with the startup costs in resettlement of refugees," Athursh adds.

"The Legal Society of Led young College aims to create an aware, socially conscious, and active atmosphere for the students at Led young College," Athursh says, explaining his group's mission. "We hope to foster student growth and inspire equality and acceptance first and foremost within student body, and gradually influencing society to follow our lead. We aim to achieve this by providing students with opportunities to network with legal industry experts, and by promoting and advocating social justice causes here in Canada and internationally as well. As students in the legal field it is part of our duty to advocate for and promote social justice issues such as displacement."

The Legal Society of Led young College can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, here's the full schedule of events happening this week across all campuses. The events taking place all encourage sharing stories as well as learning, and all feature information fairs where students can learn where and how to volunteer to make the most impact helping displaced persons in Canada and worldwide.

By Anthony Geremia

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