5 Tips For Students

Picture of a group of students working in the aircraft and avionics lab

I have been a post-secondary student for almost 10 years now. As such, it is my duty to pass on some of the handy things I’ve learned on the way and still apply to this day…

1. Organize your time and activities

Use the tools that work best for you: a calendar, a notebook, a computer or your cell phone. Write down all your activities, analyze how much you spend on each activity, think about strategies to expedite your tasks and seize more time. Know the difference between urgent and important. You might feel that all your activities are equally crucial and imperative, but prioritizing is the key skill for school. Manage your time wisely. Bear in mind the time it takes you to move from one place to another. This organization will help you concentrate on the essential things and keep your priorities straight.

2. First things first

Avoid procrastination. Always start with the most difficult assignments and leave the fun and easy tasks for the end. As it seems to involve too much commitment (and it does), by doing this you ensure to take in every opportunity to learn and become better at what you aim at. Practice makes perfect and if you do this, you will soon realize you won’t be able to choose where to start from, because now all your assignments will be easy, and easy is fun.

3. Complement your academic profile

Look for extracurricular activities that can help you boost and improve your professional career. It can be anything (volunteer work, internships, blogging, or even some kind of art). This can not only enhance and supplement your learning but you will be seen as an active person too. Remember that in the future these activities, in addition to contests, conferences, seminars and workshops, will provide you with a broad knowledge and field training, and will be extremely attractive elements in your resume.

4. Be smart, give more

No, I don’t mean you should burn the midnight oil studying to get straight A’s. One of the keys to success and that will differentiate you from others is not just to get the assigned work done, but to give a little bit more each time. This touch of distinction is seen as dedication and effort and is the smartest move you can do. It can even prompt other people to give good references about the quality of your work. Remember that academic excellence consists of meeting the challenges and proposing something else. Completing your tasks and giving a little more than expected can help you look good in front of your teachers and peers. Think outside the box.

5. Study with passion

Finally, make sure that everything you do, you do it heartily. Find ways to motivate yourself. Get encouragement either through your career goals, the pleasure of the activity you partake in, or the affinity with your classmates. Through passion and effort you can do better in all of your activities and when you find enjoyment in doing them you will achieve your goals more efficiently. But most importantly, you will enjoy the ride.