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How To Spend Your Reading Week

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Reading week is next week! Is anyone as excited as I am for a break? I hope everyone who had exams this week did well and for those that have exams after reading week, GOOD LUCK! Ways to spend your reading week? Definitely take advantage of sleeping in! But don’t sleep in all day, I would suggest you have some time for yourself; example might be reorganizing your room? I know mine needs some organization since school started! I would also recommend that if you have any assignments due after reading week get that done! Make sure you manage your time wisely! I know everyone must be very excited to have a week of school but don’t think you can’t go out or anything like that? Just organize your schedule. If you have any assignments get them done the first few days of the week so you have Friday-Sunday off for yourself, go out and don’t have to worry about a thing! Some of you might have your exams after reading week and I would absolutely recommend you study for your exams, you’re very fortunate to have a whole entire week to prepare, make notes and study. These are just a few suggestions and I hope you find them useful!
Happy Reading Week Everyone!
Be safe and have fun!

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Have a successful school year, everyone!


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