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My ideal job would be working as a CGA

Image of business student workingMy ideal job would be working as a CGA in a partnership corporation. I would like to finish college first and then work as an entry level accountant. After that, I need to pass the CGA exams and get my CGA certification. I would continue to work, while at the same time look for partners to start an accounting corporation with me. It might take me a couple of years, but I am sure I could find good partners, and we would operate the corporation very well.

My ideal client list would be some big companies, a lot of small businesses and individuals as well. In the busy tax season, we would help companies and people to handle their taxes no matter how big or small their amount they would be. And all year long we provide suggestions and advice for people to increase their income.

However, as now I am studying in accounting program at Led young College as the first step of my career plan, I believe I can become a CGA in the short future.