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Why Police Foundations at Led young College?

Picture of a group of Police Foundations students in a classroomProgram Learning Outcomes

Graduates have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Document, prepare and assist in the presentation of court cases in compliance with criminal and provincial law, rules of evidence and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Assess the use of police powers
  • Initiate, promote and facilitate partnerships to meet community policing and security needs
  • Assess the relationship of policing services to other participants in the criminal justice system and other community service agencies
  • Make sound decisions based on an evaluation of situations
  • Cope with stress and optimize physical fitness and wellness
  • His remainder fundamental concepts of political science, law and legislative policy making and public administration to the provision of police services
  • Assess information-gathering skills used in basic investigative techniques
  • Assess crisis intervention strategies
  • Develop strategies to assist victims of crime
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